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Cairo 32-22
Purity and the Egyptian revolution
Abdel Moneim Said

To return Egypt to health it is not enough to purge individuals; so much more needs to be overhauled

Egypt’s civic state
Emad Gad

The debate over constitution versus elections first is essentially a struggle between those with a civic vision for Egypt and those who seek an Islamist state

Manufacturing xenophobia
Mona Anis

Two incidents that took place recently have triggered memories from a distant past

Brave New League
Hassan Abou Taleb

Under a new Secretary-General, the Arab League begins a new phase in its life

Egypt needs public access to information
Taha Abdel Alim

The freedom of disclosure and access to information must be set down in law if the country is to move forward intelligently

The Turkish model
Mona Anis

Everybody now seems to have something to say about Turkey

The state of Egyptian-Saudi Arabian relations
Brad Nelson

What exactly is ahead is not clear, but what is sure is that Egypt-Saudi relations are changing, perhaps radically

Arab League should expel Assad regime
Khalid Amayreh

It is unconscionable that Arab regimes remain silent and impotent as Bashar Al-Assad slaughters his own people


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