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Egypt’s political landscape is dominated these days by the Constitution or elections first debate. Where do you stand?
Parliamentary elections should be held first, and on schedule.
The Constitution should be drawn by a constituent assembly reflecting the aspirations of all sections of the nation. I choose Constitution First.
I support the proposal of possible presidential candidate Mohamed El-Baradei to draw up a Bill of Rights first
I support the proposal of possible presidential candidate Amr Moussa to hold presidential elections first.
I believe the whole debate to be a waste of time.
I have no position on the matter.  

The Egyptian revolution was launched on Police Day, underlining the prevalence of torture, police brutality and human rights violations in the country. How would you evaluate the human rights situation in Egypt 4 months since the overthrow of Mubarak
Much improved  (7.38 %)
47 votes
Somewhat improved  (32.18 %)
205 votes
No different  (29.36 %)
187 votes
Worse  (17.27 %)
110 votes
Don’t know  (13.81 %)
88 votes
What would be a fair monthly minimum wage in Egypt?
There should be no minimum wage  (6.94 %)
34 votes
Less than LE700 ($117)  (3.67 %)
18 votes
LE700 ($117) as decided by the government  (13.88 %)
68 votes
LE1200 ($200)  (37.96 %)
186 votes
More than LE1200 ($200)  (37.55 %)
184 votes
The Muslim Brotherhood leadership boycotted and condemned last Friday’s protests demanding the fulfillment of the Revolution’s objectives. What is your view?
The Muslim Brotherhood is showing political wisdom, acting for stability and the restoration of order  (15.23 %)
154 votes
The Muslim Brotherhood has betrayed the revolution and the cause of democracy, in the hope of winning an exclusive hold on power  (49.36 %)
499 votes
It is the aged leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood that has betrayed the revolution but the youth of the Brotherhood continue to uphold the revolution’s goals  (24.23 %)
245 votes
I don’t know  (11.18 %)
113 votes
100 days after Hosni Mubarak stepped down, do you think the revolution's objectives have been met?
Yes, the old regime has left forever, the main demands have been fulfilled.  (7.16 %)
30 votes
No, nothing has changed yet. The old regime is still in place.  (27.68 %)
116 votes
Only a few objectives have been achieved. But we are on the right track.  (48.21 %)
202 votes
The situation is too complicated, I don't know.  (16.95 %)
71 votes
Football Which club do you think will win the Egyptian Premier League 2010-2011?
Zamalek  (37.06 %)
73 votes
Ahly  (54.31 %)
107 votes
Ismaily  (5.58 %)
11 votes
Police Union  (3.05 %)
6 votes
Though the Egyptian revolution emphasised equality and fraternity of Egypt’s Muslims and Christians, mob attacks against Coptic citizens and their houses of worship have become a frequent occurrence in post-revolution Egypt. What is your opinion?
The attacks are instigated and executed by local counter-revolutionary forces, including Muslim fanatics, Mubarak regime diehards and rogue security forces, and are backed and funded by regressive Gulf States.  (33.03 %)
143 votes
The attacks are the expression of deep-seated sectarian tensions, and their greater frequency is a result of the security vacuum created by the revolution, and have nothing to do with counter-revolutionary conspiracies.  (35.57 %)
154 votes
Counter-revolutionary forces and regional powers are using deep-seated sectarian tensions to undermine the Egyptian revolution.  (21.25 %)
92 votes
I don't know.  (10.16 %)
44 votes
Post-revolution Egypt is charting a new policy towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Cairo has succeeded in mediating a Palestinian reconciliation, is removing the blockade of Gaza, and is tougher on the Israeli occupation. What is your opinion?
Strongly approve of the Egyptian policy within the current parameters.  (35.49 %)
137 votes
Approve, but want Egypt to go further to annul the peace treaty with Israel and cut all ties.  (19.17 %)
74 votes
Approve, but want Egypt to act with more caution and try not to antagonize Israel.  (16.84 %)
65 votes
Strongly disapprove. Antagonizing Israel is not in Egypt’s interests; it would damage Egypt-US relations, and would harm our already suffering economy.  (22.28 %)
86 votes
Don’t know.  (6.22 %)
24 votes
Egypt's prime minister is on a tour of Arab Gulf states. Gulf capitals are reportedly unhappy about Cairo's intention to normalise relations with Iran, and object to the prosecution of Mubarak. What is your position?
Egypt should take into consideration the concerns of the Gulf States, since we are in dire need of their financial assistance.  (11.3 %)
27 votes
Egypt should reject any and all attempts by these states to influence its regional, international or domestic policies through offering or withholding financial assistance.  (28.03 %)
67 votes
Egypt should take into consideration the Gulf States’ concerns with respect to Iran, but should reject any interference in its domestic affairs, including the prosecution of Mubarak.  (46.44 %)
111 votes
Egypt should forge a strategic alliance with Iran, irrespective of the concerns of the Gulf States or any other regional or international party.  (7.53 %)
18 votes
I don’t know.  (6.69 %)
16 votes
Protests in Syria continue to expand in scope and intensity, despite a fierce clampdown in scenes reminiscent of the Egyptian revolution. What is your position?
Fully support the struggle of the Syrian people, and believe President Bashar Al-Assad should go.  (76.98 %)
224 votes
Sympathise with the protesters, but believe they should call for reforms, not the overthrow of the regime.  (11 %)
32 votes
Sympathise but believe the reforms promised by President Assad are adequate, and protests should be brought to an end.  (0.34 %)
1 votes
Fully support President Assad and the nationalist Syrian regime, and believe the protesters are acting in accordance with foreign, anti-Arab agendas.  (7.9 %)
23 votes
Don't know.  (3.78 %)
11 votes
Egypt's ousted president Hosni Mubarak stands accused of both corruption and crimes against humanity. What is your position?
These accusations are untrue, and we should express our gratitude to the former president and ask his forgiveness for the revolt against him.  (5.58 %)
26 votes
He should be arrested and brought back to Cairo to stand trial both for corruption and crimes against humanity  (66.74 %)
311 votes
He should be granted amnesty, so long as he returns ill-gotten gains by him and his family members.  (15.02 %)
70 votes
He should be granted amnesty, so long as he leaves the country and return ill-gotten gains by him and his family members.  (9.44 %)
44 votes
I don't know  (3.22 %)
15 votes
The government has issued a draft law banning demonstrations, strikes and sit-ins which impact on economic activity. What is your position?
Agree. We want stability and resumption of econmic activity  (18.69 %)
83 votes
Strongly disagree. This is an anti-democratic law counter to the spirit and demands of the revolution  (56.31 %)
250 votes
Disagree with law, but support other measures to end strikes and protests  (22.3 %)
99 votes
I have no position on the matter  (2.7 %)
12 votes
Business tycoons charged with corruption are offering to pay reparations instead of doing jail time. How, in your opinion, should the government respond?
Reparations with no jail time  (8.88 %)
27 votes
Jail time  (0.33 %)
1 votes
Jail time plus reparations  (22.7 %)
69 votes
Jail time plus confiscation of illegal gains  (68.09 %)
207 votes
The Constitutional amendments, due to be put to popular referendum on the 19th of this month, have been the subject of heated debate. Where do you stand?
Say "yes" to the amendments  (16.91 %)
103 votes
Say "no" to the amendments  (62.89 %)
383 votes
Boycott the poll  (1.31 %)
8 votes
Demand poll be called off  (12.15 %)
74 votes
Demand poll be postponed  (6.73 %)
41 votes
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