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Sudan, The New York Times
Crisis in Sudan: Allegations of Ethnic Cleansing in the Nuba Mountains
Rebecca Hamilton
June 24, 2011
Eyewitnesses in the Southern Kordofan region say people living in the Nuba Mountains are being targeted by heavy shelling and aerial attacks while responding to the humanitarian crisis.
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Saudi Arabia, Foreign Policy
A Five-Star Retirement Home for Dictators
Ellen Knickmeyer
June 24, 2011
Former dictators ousted from countries such as Yemen and Tunisia have found a political safe haven in Saudi Arabia.
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Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Yemen
Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides
Stephanie Sinclair
June 16, 2011
Every year, throughout the world, millions of young girls are forced into marriage. This traditional practice spans continents, language, religion and caste.
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China, Newsweek
North Korea’s Meth Export
Isaac Stone Fish
June 20, 2011
In Yanji, China cross-border politics and a sense of hopelessness fuel a growing meth addiction. 
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Saudi Arabia, Foreign Policy
Wheels of Change
Ellen Knickmeyer
June 17, 2011
How one Saudi woman fought for women's equality by taking her Hummer out for a spin.
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Cuba, Untold Stories
Impact of Cuba Money Project
Tracey Eaton
June 15, 2011
Tracey Eaton's Cuba Money Project investigates the effectiveness of USAID funding for democratic programs in Cuba. His reporting has stoked a lively debate in the blogosphere.
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Malaysia​, Untold Stories
Malaysia: Palm Oil and the Batek Negritos
James Whitlow Delano
June 14, 2011
As the palm oil industry continues deforestation in Malaysia, the Batek Negrito people’s natural environment is gradually being destroyed.
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