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Giving the beamer owner a happy brake
14 July 2011

I had purchased a BMW car Model 320i in August 2008. While purchasing the car I was informed that my car was covered under a “BMW Service Inclusive” package till 100,000 km or 5 years (whichever came earlier).

I was given a booklet by their sales person, Mr. Anthony, which clearly mentions that the following items are included in that package:
(1). Oil change with oil filter, (2) Service / replacement of air filters, fuel filters, microfilters, spark plugs, brake fluid, (3) Brake pads, front & rear, (4) Brake discs, front and rear,(5) Clutch (wear and tear), (6) Windscreen wiper blades/rubbers as part of routine maintenance, (7) Vehicle check and standard services as set out in BMW service booklet.

I was verbally told by the sales person, Anthony (at the time of purchasing the car) that all consumables except tires are covered under this package. Hence, I got tempted to buy the car as I did not foresee any maintenance expenses till 100,000 kms/5 years. However, during a recent servicing of my car, they claimed to have changed the front brakes for which I will have to pay Dh 2,254.00.

Against these charges, I would like to inform you that: A) my car is still covered under “Service Inclusive Package” as I have not covered 100,000 kms / 5years.
B) They should have told me about the charges before doing the job. They did not inform me of the charges while booking the car or while delivering my car. They have sent me a claim letter after three months, which is very unprofessional and unethical.
Their service advisor, Ms. Hedda Joy, called me last month and confessed that she had made a mistake by not informing me of the charges before hand and they might deduct the charges from her salary.

I visited their showroom last week to re-confirm the services offered under package. I met Anthony (their sales person who had initially sold me the car) and he has re-confirmed that brakes are covered under the service package and I need not pay for the same.
I am looking forward to Khaleej Times publishing this letter to make all BMW owners and potential buyers aware about the kind of after sales service being offered by dealer of such a prestigious brand.
Sunil Gangwani, Dubai
BMW Responds
14 July 2011

“We have looked into the matter and can confirm that Mr. Sunil Gangwani has the basic BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) service package.

AGMC, our importer in Dubai, offers BMW customers different warranty service packages that cover different servicing needs.
Under the BSI basic package, replacements of brake pads are not included. However, due to the incorrect information being communicated to Mr. Sunil Gangwani, AGMC has agreed to waive the charge. The customer will be notified.”

Leanne Blanckenberg, Corporate CommunicationsManager, AGMC Management, BMW Group,
Branding Bug
14 July 2011

With reference to Suresh Patatli’s opinion article, ‘The naked truth on branding’ (KT/July 13), I think we should not forget that both brands cater different target audiences and offer different products.

Both brands portray a different brand image and are positioned differently. As they cater to different markets, you can’t compare fashion clothes with food — idli or dosa!
The fashion designer’s campaign was not aimed at corporate social responsibility. It was aimed at reinforcing the brand values and the fun, youthful image of the brand. And it was a promotional campaign to grab the attention of the audiences.
Moreover, you are looking at the fashion designer’s campaign from cultural myopia. You can’t compare two different cultures.
Haider Shaikh, Abu Dhabi
Shattered Dreams!
14 July 2011

I was shocked to read the article in today’s KT about the death of 53 kids in Bangladesh in a bus accident. Agreed that the roads in the subcontinent and countries like Bangladesh cannot be compared to that of Dubai, but what is astounding is that the bus driver was busy talking on his mobile phone at the time of the accident! What was the mistake of these young children? It is painful to note that they were celebrating their victory in the football match they had recently played.

The government should enforce a ban on using mobile phones at the wheel. Maybe drivers can use bluetooth or speaker but that still does not take away the risks of the driver as it also also poses a threat to the other drivers on the road and pedestrians. Why cannot the authorities concerned impose a stricter penalty for such offences?

Every day when I take my vehicle out on the road, it’s scary to see other drivers busy speaking on the phone without using either a speaker or headphone and zooming on the road. It is also alarming to note that social networking sites have further led people to be continuously busy on their iphones/Blackberries — you can see them messaging/ texting on the phones, even in the car!

I hope that better sense prevails.The golden rule of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the best.
Our sympathy and condolence for the family of the young ones, whom I am sure would have dreamt a lot for their loved ones.
P.Vinodhkumar, Dubai
14 July 2011

I refer to the letter from Mr. Milind, (Open Space, July 12) in response to my earlier letter. I fail to understand his logic and relevance of “feasibility”. The whole world knows the reality that the people of Palestine and Kashmir have an undeniable right to determine their own future, whether they want to live under the occupying forces of Israel and India or live as independent states.

It’s their legal, moral, historical, logical birthright. This fact is not only recognised by the people of the world at large and the UN but was also acknowledged by the first prime minister of the largest democracy in the world. Unfortunately, most of the democratic countries do not go by the real democracy. We have only one example of real democracy in the present day world as well as the democratic history.

Canada is undoubtedly the torch bearer of real democracy and has given an option to its French speaking people to secede from Canada if the majority so wishes. They had a referendum for this purpose and the result was that the majority of French speaking people voted in favour of secession.
M. A. Shahab, Sharjah
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