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23 Jun 2006 - 18 Dec 2021
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Progressive Visions of Jurisprudence: A Debate
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: Conservatives have been winning the battle of ideas over judicial philosophy. How should progressive interpret the constitution, and what arguments should we make? Join the Brookings Institution and Democracy for a debate on liberal jurisprudence.
Galston Discusses Entrepreneurship Essay on NPR’s “Weekend Edition”
NPR: Democracy author and editorial committee member William Galston appeared on the July 10 episode of NPR’s “Weekend Edition” to discuss his essay on start-ups from our newest issue.
Democracy Holds Entrepreneurship Event at National Press Club
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On June 30, Democracy hosted “Responding to the Jobs Crisis: A Progressive Entrepreneurship Agenda,” a symposium that focused on the need for progressive entrepreneurship in today’s tough economy.

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