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Why We Support Creative Commons
Laura Brahm
July 1, 2011
What is Creative Commons licensing, and why are the Open Society Foundations encouraging its use? An interview with Vera Franz of the Information Program.

Mapping Digital Media: United Kingdom
July 2011
Research shows that near-universal digital media access in the UK has yielded broad benefits for citizenship and democracy. But threats to independence and diversity have also emerged.
Remember Me
Susan Treadwell
June 30, 2011
For too long, human rights organizations have shied away from making disability rights part of their mandate. This must change.
Mapping Digital Media: United Kingdom
Mapping Digital Media: Mobile TV: Challenges and Opportunities Beyond 2011
Treated with Cruelty: Abuses in the Name of Rehabilitation
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Why We Support Creative Commons
Remember Me
Studying Anthropology in Mongolia
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