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Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 3:19 ( 1:19 GMT )
Antiquities and Contemporary Art of Libya in the Heart of Russia
27/06/2010 15:54:00
Photo: Mr. Saif El-Islam Gaddafi

"The desert is not silent" exhibition of antiquities and contemporary art of Libya will open in Moscow on the 28th of June at the New Manege State Exhibition Hall. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be attended by Mr.Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Saif El-Islam Gaddafi, artist and architect and Mr. Amer Greebi, Libyan ambassador in Russia.

The traveling exhibition has been organized by the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) to acquaint art and history lovers all over the world with antiquities coming from the leading museums of Libya as well as with works of contemporary Libyan artists such as Saif El-Islam Gaddafi, Fawzi Omar Swei and Salaheddine Shagroun.

The exhibition has been traveling countries and continents since 2002 and has already visited ten largest cities of the world.

The exhibition featuring Greek, Roman and Islamic antiquities as well as works of modern Libyan art has received a warm welcome in Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Vienna, Madrid, Tokyo and Montreal.

The world discovers with surprise an unknown Libya, a country whose culture has absorbed the rich heritage of many civilizations but still maintains its uniqueness and originality.

Thanks to the support of the Moscow City Government and to the assistance provided by the Russian Railways JSC, the Russian public now has an opportunity to see this unique exhibition in Moscow.

Media preview of "The desert is not silent" exhibition will take place on the 28th of June at 16.00 pm.

Opening ceremony of the exhibition: June 28th, 18.00 pm. Venue: New Manege State Exhibition Hall, Georgievsky Pereulok 3/3, building 3, Moscow Accreditation for the media preview and opening ceremony: Tel: 8-916-820-58-97 or E-mail: kotova@prnet.ru (contact person: Ekaterina Kotova)
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Name: Brother Daniel M. J. TobinDate: 06/12/2011 23:14:42
Brother Seif Al-Islam has been on television here in The United States as calling for bloody crackdown on civilians and "enemies" of the homicidal/genocidal(Abu Minyar) Gaddaffi regime, and he is not known as a good artist here in The U.S. at all.
Self-described Russian Monarchist and reactionary of Manhattan, Don Rosenberg, who appointed me Nassau Cty. Exec. Com. Chair to The Constitution Party in 2005 or so, should be contacted to utilize the presently sanctioned Gaddaffi Foundation Dinar, Rubles and Dollars and Pounds Sterling, to promote my professionally recorded music and concerts, nominations, elections and re-elections to The Office of The United States Senate here in NY State, The Excelsior State, where I have already served as Accountant To The NY State Office of The Comptroller, Election Official, and Provided Leadership in Healthcare since 1987, Chaminade H.S. in Mineola,by personally donating over 90 pints of clean blood, and have performed for tens of thousands in Darby Auditoria,St. Thomas The Apostle Church, Du Four P.F.C., Wash, D.C. , coffeehouses, and bookstores and a Freemason Hall with The Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Co of LI, and need the Libyans here in The USA, to prosecute the Fascist White Collar Criminals "Brother" Nigel Pratt and his lover, co-conspiritor, accomplice, Miss Walton, who stole my document,"The Clean Uses of Nuclear Energy" in 1989, and reportedly sold it to a private energy firm for over $80,000.00, and who threaten the Ummah with Nuclear War.
Thanks for your time and cooperation, and please help me and my deen by destroying the false sense of accomplishment that Pratt and Walton have, and require blood donations at The ICLI, and to change the statute of limitations protecting the sex crimes against children here in the USA, since a Mrs. Finn abused me in 2nd grade, St. Thomas the Apostle West Hempstead, NY LI,NY, a John Robinson, formerly of Queens now in Suffolk Cty,LI,NY abused me in 1974 or 75, and an evil, fascist priest, Father Gene abused me in 1982 or 1983 in a "confessional", with a Bishop Dunn and Sisters/Principals, Bonnie, Gracita Daily and Mary McAuley in the vicinity,and the sexually criminal abusers/assaulters/white collar criminals/fascists here in the USA, Christians usually, have never apologized to me in writing, publicly or privately with any punitive damages for what they have done, and have never been punished publicly or privately for what they have done, to the best of my knowledge.
Respectfully Yours in Journalistic Integrity, and Responsible Civil Rights/Survivors Rights, and Peace and Democracy, Inshallah, Brother Daniel Tobin, Apt, A11, 365 Stewart Ave, Garden City,LI,NY 11530
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