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02 Sep 2006 - 19 Jul 2011
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Home and Fire Safety:
Fire Safety:
If you're living off campus, the law is intended to protect you from fire hazards. Do not rent any apartment or house without checking the following:
Use the this Fire Safety Checklist for your apartment or house to be sure you are safe in case of a fire.
Smoke Detectors​- Check to make sure that you have working smoke detectors by testing them once a month. Change the batteries in your smoke detector every six months, and make sure they're never disconnected.
Escape Plan. Be aware of the escape plan and an alternate escape plan. Rehearse the escape plan and routes you will take. Make sure you have an outdoor meeting location where everyone will go, so that you can be sure everyone has made it out safes.
Other Basic Fire Measures
Home Safety Tips:
Emergency Preparedness:
For information on the University's response to alert status emergency response, as well as links to useful tips on how to be prepare yourself and your home, please see the University's Emergency Preparedness website.
Georgetown University is fully aware of thie need for security and safety and has taken numerous steps and precautions to ensure the safety of University students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Off Campus Student Life's primary concern in the event of an incident is the security of students who live off campus.
The University has evacuation and shelter plans in effect, emergency communications in place, and Red Cross trained individuals available to assist you if a disaster or threat were to occur while you are on campus.
If, however, a change in alert status or an event occurs while you are in your residence off campus, we urge you to follow the emergency preparedness steps outlined for individuals in private residences by the D.C. Emergency Management Agency. Please sign up DC's Emergency Notification System. If you live in Virginia, see the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. In Maryland, visit the state's Emergency Management Agency.​.
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