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09 Jun 2010
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May 26, 2009
Dick Weiss was awarded a doctor /honoris causa/ degree from the University of Bordeaux I by its President, Alain Boudou, on May 26, 2009 for his research in the areas of photochemistry and soft matter. The University of Bordeaux is the premiere science university in southwest France. Dick presented his acceptance speech in French (or in a language that _he_ considers French). He had spent 3 months of his first sabbatical there in 1981 with his wife and 3 children. It was a very special occasion for several reasons beyond the degree. Dick was able to meet old friends, especially his hosts during the sabbatical, Profs. Henri Bouas-Laurent and Jean-Pierre Desvergne, and his long time colleague, Dr. Pierre Terech of the CNRS-Atomic Energy Center in Grenoble. After the ceremony, he and his wife, Jeanne, were treated to a special visit to Chateau Misson Haut-Brion and Chateau Haut-Brion…that included tasting their wonderful wines. A mini-symposium, “Auto-Assemblages Moleculaires et Organogels”, was organized as part of the conferral of the award. Dick presented the first lecture, “ Serendipity in Soft Matter Science. Simple Chemistry Yields Complex Materials.” He spent quite a bit of time discussing research with professors in two institutes at the University as well before leaving Bordeaux.

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