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25 Years of Electronic Resources Collection Development at the University of Salford: Some Issues and Challenges
Sandhu, Gurdish; Sale, Anna (INFLIBNET Centre, November 10, 2005)
The 3C’s - Convergence of Computers, Communication and Content (Multimedia)
Doctor, Gayatri (INFLIBNET Centre, February NaN, 2003)
Academic Libraries for the 21 st Century
Konnur, P V; Bhandi, M K (INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad, February NaN, 2004)
Academic Search Engines : Librarian’s Friend, Researcher’s Delight
Chakravarty, Rupak; Randhawa, Sukhwinder (INFLIBNET Centre, November 9, 2006)
Accessing Electronic Information Through Consortia Approach Among Digital Libraries
Gowda, M P; Mudhol, Mahesh V (INFLIBNET Centre, February NaN, 2003)
Access of E-resources By The Users Of LNB Library With Special Reference to UGC-Infonet: An Evaluative Survey
Majumder, Apurba Jyoti; Deka, Dipen; Bose, Sharmila; Sarma, Gautam kumar; Goswami, Kukila (INFLIBNET Centre, November 6, 2008)
Access Provision and Security to Digital Resources
Mukut, Sarmah; Chakraborty, Sumana (INFLIBNET Centre, March NaN, 2001)
Access to Digital Resources Using Internet At Banaras Hindu University : A Survey
Prasad, H N; Singh, Suchita (INFLIBNET Centre, March NaN, 2001)
Access to E-journals through UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium: A Study of Usage Trends among the Universities of North East India
Chand, Prem; Arora, Jagdish; Naga, Moses M; Pradhan, Dinesh Ranjan (INFLIBNET Centre, November 6, 2008)
Access to E-Resources at TISS : a Case Study
Angadi, Mallikarjun; Koganurmath, Muttayya (INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad, February NaN, 2004)
Access to Infonet E-Journals Consortium in Manipur University Library
Singh, Th Khomdon; Singh, Th Shyam; Singh, Ch Ibohal (INFLIBNET Centre, November 9, 2006)
Access to Information Resources on Women and Health Access to Information Resources on Women and Health
Rejeswarii, D (INFLIBNET Centre, February NaN, 2002)
Access to Scholarly Literature in Higher Education Institutions Under Inflibnet Consortium
Chand, Prem; Prakash, K; Satyabati, Thiyam; Chauhan, Suresh K (Inflibnet centre, February 8, 2007)
Access to Web-based Community Information Services in North East India
Singh, Ch Ibohal; Devi, Th Madhuri; Devi, N Vidyavati; Singh, N Giridhari (INFLIBNET Centre, November 9, 2006)
Acquisition and Preservation of Digital Resoures
Bhakti, Beke; Shinde, Swati (INFLIBNET Centre, March NaN, 2001)
Acquisition of Electronic Information Resources : Some Policy Issues
Gajendragadkar, Kasturi N; Kudapkar, Swapna S; Kurahatti, B T (INFLIBNET Centre, February 18, 2010)
Adding Search for Website: A Study of Remote Search Engines
Pujar, S M; Mundgod, M B; Munnolli, Satish (INFLIBNET Centre, February NaN, 2002)
Adoption Of Open Source Digital Library Software Packages: A Survey
Jose, Sanjo (INFLIBNET Centre, February 8, 2007)
Advanced Search Techniques on Web
Saxena, Sadhna (INFLIBNET Centre, February NaN, 2003)
Aiding Research and Electronic Content Discovery through Meta-search based on Open Source Initiatives
D’mello, Collin; Jha, Amit (INFLIBNET Center., February 25, 2009)
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