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18 Sep 2010 - 3 Dec 2013
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Digital Preservation
Jantz, Ronald (November 12, 2010)
Wiki Installation and Customization
Kumar, Rajeev (INFLIBNET Centre, February 18, 2010)
Planning for Digital Library of Special Collections in Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) Using Dspace: A Case Study
Chand, Prem; Rahman, Md. Ajazur; Ahmed, Jamil (INFLIBNET Centre, February 18, 2010)
Role of IR in Information Resource Mobilization and Management in the Current Scenario of Higher Education: A Case Study of Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT)
Beena, C; Padmakumar, P K (INFLIBNET Centre, February 18, 2010)
Development of Disciplinary Repositories: A Case Study of Open DOAR
Jan, Rosy; Khan, Nadim Akhtar (INFLIBNET Centre, February 18, 2010)
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