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Privacy & Data Practices
What You Should Know
AddThis, built and operated by Clearspring, is free. We use data from our platform to give consumers a more personalized sharing experience, provide website publishers with in-depth analytics, and help advertisers deliver more relevant ads.
Website Publishers
Many websites use AddThis to enable sharing features. As a consumer, you may have used these sharing tools, or installed an AddThis browser extension.
While you should always read our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, here are the things you should know about what data we collect, how we use it, and how to opt out.

We don't install any tracking software on your computer.
The only time AddThis has access to any browsing data is when you visit a website that uses AddThis. If you use one of our browser extensions, we don't send your browsing activity to our servers.

We don't have access to personally identifiable information unless you explicitly provide it to us.
For example, if you ask us to send an email on your behalf, we will use the email addresses in order to deliver that message. We will not share this information, and it will be removed from our system automatically after a short period. We do not have access to other personal information.

We do have access to a certain amount of non-personally identifying information about you.
All web sites, including those with AddThis installed, receive information such as which web page you came from, which type of browser you are using, and your general geographic location. When you and others use our tools to share content, we aggregate data about what pages are shared, when, and how. We also assign your web browser a unique identifier. This ID doesn't, and can't, say anything about you, it's just a random series of numbers and letters we use to distinguish users from each other.

We do use aggregate data to offer reporting to websites that use AddThis.
We provide analytics to help website owners better understand their visitors. For example, we use a randomly generated ID assigned to each web browser to tell a website publisher how many people are sharing content. We also use aggregate browsing data to tell a website publisher whether the people most likely to share their content with their friends, for example, are sports fans.

We do help advertisers reach large groups of people that express similar interests and behaviors.
We believe more relevant advertising provides a better Internet experience. This is also how we support our business with a service that is free to you. For example, we may help an advertiser reach people who are interested in technology. In some cases, this may mean that you receive a "cookie" from an NAI-approved advertising partner. You can manage your industry-wide advertising preferences at AboutAds.info.

We do allow you to opt out of data collection for the purposes of advertising at any time.
You can easily stop AddThis from collecting any information about you for online behavioral advertising by opting out. This will prevent advertisers from receiving any data that could be used to tailor advertising for you. This will also prevent websites that use AddThis from learning about your interests in order to personalize their content or services for you.

We do participate in the leading advertising industry groups focused on privacy, notification, and choice.
We support the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising, are active members of the Network Advertising Initiative and the IAB, and implement the Evidon best practices for opt-outs and notifications. Read more about our partnerships.

What You Should Know
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Opt out of data collection for Online Behavioral Advertising.
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