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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
Saharawi protests, violence and blackmail Moroccan
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El Aaiun (occupied territories of Western Sahara) .- This Thursday, May 19, at least 30 Sahrawi, mostly women, were injured during a sit -in organized in front of the family home of Said Damba, a young Sahrawi citizen murdered five months ago. The demonstrators demand that be made public the circumstances of the crime of the young man by Moroccan police.
The Sahrawi citizens gathered in front of the family home Dambe expressed their solidarity with the family and their support for their demand that are disclosed details of the assassination of Said Damba, 29. But the mobile intervention forces of Morocco intervened against the demonstrators as they leave the family home by a violent attack. Many people were injured.
See photos and a video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsdHfGvokK8
The Saharawi citizen who Bechri Slem Mailad had vigorously protested against the police attacks against Moroccan Sahrawi women were followed until Al Ouifak neighborhood where he was attacked and beaten by Moroccan agents in civilian clothes.
The sister of the murdered young man was arrested and his mother was wounded in the head.
An initial list of injured follows.
Children: Hamza Sahraoui and Limam Zaidaf
Women and Men: Um Lkhout Saadi, Meska Maimouna, Meriem Mghaimad, Tfaolouha Badda, Zaoui Toumani, Ahmed Laaiachi Sod, Lala Hatra Aram Sbaai Abdellah El Hafed Toubali, Lkhalil Shaikh, Lmstehia Lbalal, Lmrabet Abdelrahman, Laabaidi Niha, Ismaili Gajmoula, Sidmou Khouita, Filali Hamdi Noumria Haimadaha, Amar Fatma Laamouri Izana, Mohamed Lamin Lkhlifi and Laarous Choubida.
The family still refuses to receive the corpse of their son, killed by a policeman with a bullet in the head. She said the only condition to proceed to the funeral is to know the whole truth and prosecute those responsible for the actual assassination.
A Essmara, 4 activists of human rights have started a hunger strike and a sit in to protest against the suspension of their salaries after their participation in a visit last year to their families in refugee camps Sahrawi in the south-western Algeria.
Activists: Um Lfdali Jouda, Lmhaba Shaikh, Ahmed El Moussaoui and Thnakha Othman.
Activists on the other hand rejected the proposal in the form blackmail the Moroccan government to restore their salaries provided they agree not to engage in activities which according to the colonial power “threatens the territorial integrity”.
EM, occupied Western Sahara, 19 May 2011
Saharaui Diaspora
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