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20 Jan 1998 - 9 Oct 2021
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The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, established in 1989, has an extensive record of work in public policy. LCPS, headquartered in Beirut , is a non-partisan not for profit research center with a practical aim. Although research and publication are central to the center's objectives, advocacy, training, and cooperative efforts are also a large part of the work of LCPS.

While LCPS focuses on Lebanon the center does work throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. LCPS is concerned with a variety of issues including governance, elections, social and economic development, judicial reforms, and media reform.

LCPS employs a substancial staff to coordinate its efforts. However, because of the breadth of work, LCPS often utilizes a network of experts in Lebanon and the Arab region. Additionally the center works in concert with other local, regional, and international organiztions including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and the UNDP.

LCPS funds its activities through grants from international and Lebanese organizations, the sale of its publications, consulting contracts with United Nations specialized agencies and other international public organizations, and unrestricted contributions from individuals.

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