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23 Jun 2006 - 08 Aug 2022
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Issue #21, Summer 2011
From the Ground Up: Fostering Entrepreneurship
For decades, America’s innovative entrepreneurs have set the standard for the world. That is starting to change, though, and we’re in danger of falling behind India, China, and others. As we build a future-oriented economy, fostering entrepreneurship must occupy a central place in the progressive agenda—and that means adopting policies that encourage and reward innovators and thinkers.
William Galston: Progressive Entrepreneurship: A Work in Progress
Vivek Wadhwa: Our Best Imports
Maryann Feldman: Location, Location, Location
Thomas "Danny" Boston: Minority Report
Amy Rosen: Life Lessons
Debating the Constitution
What’s the best way to fight conservative originalism?
Geoffrey R. Stone & William P. Marshall: The Framers' Constitution
Doug Kendall & Jim Ryan: The Case for New Textualism
Geoffrey Stone & Bill Marshall respond
Doug Kendall & Jim Ryan respond
A World of Our Making
G. John Ikenberry: The international order that America created will endure—if we make the transition to a grand strategy based on reciprocity and shared leadership.
America 2021: What Next on Climate?
The Climate and Energy Roundtable: The effort to address climate change stumbled with the failure to pass cap-and-trade. What should happen now? Five experts discuss the future of U.S. climate and energy policy.
Peace Is Our Profession
Heather Hurlburt: Fifty years on, Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex is very much with us. But it’s not inevitable that it must exist forever in this form.
The Last Liberal Justice?
David Strauss: Why William Brennan was the twentieth century’s most consequential Supreme Court justice.
Fright Doctors
Harold Pollack: The hideous impacts of the vaccine-autism myth—and the reasons it has proven so difficult to debunk.
Editor’s Note
Michael Tomasky: Michael Tomasky introduces Issue #21.
Threat Position
Jeffrey Herf: Progressives who preach declinism and restraint have forgotten that we still face dangerous enemies. A response to Anatol Lieven.
Letters to the Editor
Democracy Readers: Letters from our readers
Tweeting Toward Bethlehem
Ethan Porter: With social media fueling changes both trivial and seismic, we need to think about a new public ethic for the Internet age.
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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a Democracy Idea, Opens Today
Jacob Anbinder: At the onset of the global financial crisis, Elizabeth Warren proposed in our pages a government agency that would be tasked with preventing future catastrophes by overseeing the financial products offered to consumers by banks and other credit agencies. Today, Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will officially open for business.
The Taxpayer Receipt and Public Opinion: A Response to John Sides
Ethan Porter: The public has been shaped by decades of harsh anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric. To expect one document to undo the effects of that rhetoric all at once is asking too much.
A Tough Decision on Afghanistan
Rachel Kleinfeld: It’s not the decision the generals wanted. Nor is it the decision many Americans on the left or right wanted. But it is, nevertheless, the one that will best protect the country, our lives, and our treasure over long term.
ABC News Interviews Elizabeth Warren, Cites Democracy Essay
ABC News: On the July 18 edition of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper interviewed Elizabeth Warren about the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which begins operations this week, and cited the Democracy essay in which she first introduced the idea for the agency.
Stone, Kendall Continue Democracy Debate at Brookings Event
Brookings Institution: On July 18, the Brookings Institution hosted a debate between Doug Kendall, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, and University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone on how progressives should interpret the Constitution. The discussion, which was co-hosted by Democracy editorial chairman E.J. Dionne, built on their exchange in our newest issue.
Democracy Holds Entrepreneurship Event at National Press Club
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On June 30, Democracy hosted “Responding to the Jobs Crisis: A Progressive Entrepreneurship Agenda,” a symposium that focused on the need for progressive entrepreneurship in today’s tough economy.

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