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The Democracy: A Journal of Ideas internship is a highly selective program for a small number of the most talented, progressive college writers, editors, and thinkers in America.
While demanding and time intensive, it is geared toward giving college students a link into future careers in the world of progressive ideas. Interns will assist in administrative tasks as well as learn about all the parts of putting a journal together from article selection to copyediting and fact-checking. Interns will also assist in maintaining the website and blog, and in promoting the journal and events. They should be interested in deepening their exposure to a wide range of policy issues and interacting with some of the most cutting-edge progressive thinkers across a variety of fields.
Applicants should have distinguished themselves in their academic work thus far. Excellent research and writing skills are a must.
We hire interns for three internship cycles: spring semester, summer, and fall semester. Spring and fall semester interns are expected to work 20 hours a week, and will be paid a stipend of $250/month. Summer interns are expected to work full-time (40 hours/week), and will be paid $600/month.
The internship is based in Washington, DC. Send a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 writing samples to: dajoi@democracyjournal.org​. No phone calls, please.
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Democracy on bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and 9/11
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: A sampling of our best pieces on Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and 9/11 and its consequences.
NPR’s “All Things Considered” Talks Taxpayer Receipt
NPR: On Friday, April 15, NPR host Robert Siegel interviewed David Kendall on the idea of a tax receipt on the show All Things Considered​. Kendall and co-author Ethan Porter, contributing editor at Democracy​, outlined their idea in our Spring 2011 Issue [​“Seeing Where The Money Went,” Issue #20].
Liu, Hanauer Discuss “More What, Less How” Government at NDN Event
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On March 9, NDN hosted a panel discussion featuring Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer, making their case for a new theory of progressive government, as first published in our Winter 2011 Issue [“The “More What, Less How” Government,” Issue #19].
Washington Post Op-Ed: Porter and Kendall on Taxpayer Receipt
Washington Post: In the Spring Issue of Democracy​, out in newsstands this week, Ethan Porter, contributing editor at Democracy​, and David Kendall of Third Way have an essay promoting the idea of a taxpayer receipt. In the March 13 edition of The Washington Post, Porter and Kendall preview the idea in an op-ed.

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