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03 May 2006 - 13 Apr 2012
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Program Description

The Bonner Scholars Program was created with the belief that college students engaged in service have unique gifts and talents that bring energy, creativity, and hope to individuals and communities. It is based also on the belief that colleges and universities can and must be a “telling presence” in their local communities. In launching and supporting the Bonner Scholars Program, the Foundation has entered a partnership with participating institutions that have made a commitment to envision new possibilities for partnerships between campuses and communities.
Since 1989, the Foundation has worked with colleges and universities to support students to attend college and to be active and involved in community service while in school. In the first few years, 22 schools were identified to participate in this service-based scholarship known as the Bonner Scholars Program. Now at 27 schools, this program supports more than 1,500 students annually to be actively involved in community service and social justice issues. Each school supports a director and a coordinator who oversee the general operations of the Bonner Program and has between 20 and 100 Bonner Scholars. Since its inception more than 2,100 students have graduated from the program.
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