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12 Dec 2001 - 27 Feb 2021
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How to Apply for a Bonner Scholarship
Below are directions on how you can apply for the Bonner Scholarship, available at 27 colleges and universities:
1. Read the background information on the Bonner Scholars Program, including the Bonner Scholar Program Background.
2. If you are interested in applying to become a Bonner Scholar, review the list of 27 colleges and universities participating in the Bonner Scholars Program.
3. If you are considering applying or already have applied for admission to a school with a Bonner Program, contact the admissions office to ask for an application to the Bonner Scholars Program. The admissions office may direct you to the Bonner Scholars Program office where you can receive additional information. Please note that the application process and deadlines for each school and Bonner Scholar Program vary from campus to campus.
4. Complete the Bonner Scholarship application from the school(s) you are interested in attending.

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