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08 Oct 2001 - 29 Apr 2012
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The Bonner Foundation supports the following campus-based programs:
The Bonner Program
The Bonner Program consists of the two service-based scholarship
programs supported by the Bonner Foundation.
Bonner Scholars
Bonner Leader
Service-based scholarship program operating on 27 campuses with direct funding from the Bonner Foundation.
Service-based scholarship program at 47 campuses (including 3 in New Jersey) modeled on the Bonner Scholars program with training & technical assistance provided by the Foundation but funding provided by a combination of Federal Work-Study, AmeriCorps Education Awards, and institutional aid.
Bonner Student
Bonner Alumni
A student leadership and advisory group to the Bonner Foundation with Bonner Congress representatives from each campus.
A network of the 3,500 current alumni of the Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader Programs.
Bonner AmeriCorps
Education Awards
Bonner Partner
Additional financial aid support for Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders who enroll as Bonner AmeriCorps members.
Network of Bonner Partner organizations that seek to connect to the Bonner campuses & students.
FIPSE Civic Education
Certificate Project
Through this intitiative, the Bonner Foundation seeks to brings together the Crisis Ministry and Bonner Programs to fund and support anti-hunger organizations in the communities where Bonner Scholar Programs exist and where students are deeply involved.
Through this FIPSE-supported project, participating campuses are developing civic engagement certificate or minors that parallel and connect with the Bonner Program's service-based scholarship programs.
With funding from the Corporation for National Service's Learn & Serve Program from 1997-2004, the CBR Project provided sub-grants, training, and resource development support to faculty and staff on 50 campuses nationwide in their efforts to develop community-based research projects and courses.
With funding from the Bonner Foundation and training from Rhodes College and the National Council of Churches, this four-year initiative helped participating campuses develop programs and partnerships that sought to help students grow through an integrated balance of justice, worship, and service.
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