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What Can I Say?
Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime ended in 1979. Decades later how is the country's fledging media dealing with a nation still scarred by widespread murder and violence?
The Changing Worlds of Formula One
David Goldblatt explores the changing worlds of Formula One, traveling to the traditional circuit of Monza in Italy and a brand new track under construction in the outskirts of Delhi.
Great Expectations: Living in the shadow of London 2012
A season of programmes exploring the communities living near the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Great Expectations
With the Olympics arriving in London in 2012, the BBC World Service will be following the experiences of residents living in one inner city housing estate as they contemplate what the games mean to them and their future.
The Silent War
Why has the insurgency in India's north-east lasted so long?
22 mins
A Short History of Five Notes
Rita Ray traces the history of the 'clave', a deceptively simple but hypnotic beat which became the foundation of Cuban music and deeply influenced soul and rock and roll.
Ship of Spies
The Spy Cruise is a seven day sail around the Caribbean with ex-CIA top brass - a chance for the public to discuss global security issues with those in the know. But who really gains and what is its real agenda? Tom Mangold reports.
22 mins
Documentary: Tahrir Square
Magdi Abdelhadi talks to Egyptians about the revolution and their hopes and fears for a 'new Egypt'.
22 mins
Profile: Mohamed ElBaradei
Mukul Devichand tells the story of Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Laureate and former Chief Weapons Inspector who some want to see as the next president of Egypt.
23 mins
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
"Mosquito one, mosquito two, mosquito jump in a hot callaloo." What are the world's most popular number rhymes and how do they overlap between different cultures? Kim Normanton looks at the approaches to counting around the world.
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