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Faculty and Staff Assistance Program - FAQs
What is the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)?
The FSAP is a Georgetown program designed to assist faculty and staff members (and their families) with a variety of professional and personal concerns. All part- and full-time faculty and staff members are eligible for FSAP services. 
The FSAP's basic functions are to provide short-term and crisis counseling to employees, to coordinate educational programs regarding mental health and wellness, and to provide a confidential resource on campus for all faculty and staff members.
As an institutional resource, the FSAP helps to address behavioral functioning which impacts morale, performance, and the mission of the institution. 
How much do FSAP services cost?
There are no fees for sessions with the FSAP or for participation in FSAP-sponsored programs. The employee is responsible for any costs that result from referrals to outside resources, but the employee's insurance coverage and ability to pay are carefully considered when referrals are made. 

Is my involvement with the FSAP part of my personnel record?
Absolutely not. Contact with the FSAP is strictly confidential. 
All files are kept separate from those of any other office. Information concerning the nature of an employee's problem is never released without consent. No information concerning contact with the FSAP is ever entered into the employee's personnel file. 

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