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23 Aug 2011 - 23 Aug 2011
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Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 4:52 ( 2:52 GMT )
Breaking News: Head of Libyan Rebel Government Confirms Arrest of Gaddafi son, Seif Al Islam
21/08/2011 23:03:00
The Head of Libyan rebel government Mustafa Abdul Jalil has confirmed the arrest of Seif Al Islam, Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi's second son. Jalil said that Seif is now in a secure location.

Speaking live to Al-jazeera, Abdul Jalil said the council was informed that Seif was arrested by the rebels in Tripoli and now he is in secure hands.
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Name: Libya for LibyansDate: 22/08/2011 02:03:31
Can you guess, why Gathafi Regime ruled Libya by deception for 42 years?
Can you guess, why Libya and the Libyans singled out and have become escape goats and targets for the entire crooks and stalkers of the world?

To respond to these question it is easy to put the blame on others or on some one in particular, but the reality is in the disunited and unawareness of the poor Libyans themselves.

They have been singled out, stalked and ripped off of their limited resources, time and people for the following reasons:
1. The idiot Gathafi's regime has divided the country and used the poor Libyans against each other to dominate and to remain a ruler for life, then pass what is left to his relatives.
2. Lack of genuine Democracy, rule of law and unity which created a chaotic and corrupt miserable opportune environments that susceptable to sinister.
3. The hijacking of Libya and the Libyans by the opportune crooks of the multi-nationals, especially by the developing nations for their own interests and quick become wealthy gains.
4. The unhealthy environments that have be created and orchesterated between the western world and the Libyans for the gains of the developing nations and the east.
5. Lack of quality education and continuous skills building for the Libyans.
6. Lack of Linguistic and Cultural awareness in the Libyan society, even though Libya and the Libyans is practically a western oriented society.
6. Lack of quality governance and management of limited human, economic and natural resources.
7. Lack of MERIT based recruitement of foreign employees, exchanges and 'Monkey like Business Dealings'.
7. Lack of well managed cross-cultural movements of people and resources into and from Libya
8. Lack of adequate border control and management to minimize illegal smuggling of Drugs, People and other products and services.
8. Lack of effective leadership, civil societies and corporates to protect people from scams, scandls, rip offs, abuse and poor quality - Junk - dumping of unhealthy goods and resources.

The solutions:
Short term:
* Get rid of the regime as soon as possible and bring them to justice to face the rule of law, nationally and internationally
*Unite the people to work together peacefully - Communicate effectively and help each other
* Establish and maintain law and order through awareness seminars, education, communication and discipline
* Eliminate corruption by any means by creating employment opportunities for the Libyans to improve their standards of living to raise their heads above the poverty lines.
* Focus on education, training and development to create an industrial and business oriented skilled Libyans.
9. On Merit, exchange, deal and partner with the best cultures of the most civilized societies and nations who stood behind the Libyans in their challenging times for both sides to benefit in all fields, especially in education, training, manufacturing, health, tourism, management and law enforcement.
Medium term:
* Within a year when stability is certain, empower the Libyans to endorce and to vote freely for a permanent constitution, an effective Democratic management system, genuine and fair competitive open market system that the Libyans have struggled and sacrificed for.
9. Ask the Libyans to vote for and elect their own senates, ......, leaders, representatives and a President for a term not more than 5 years.
10. The civil bodies of the society, especially the Universities, Reseach bodies, etc... must make sure to present and endorce the most skilled, experienced and ethical canadates to the Libyan people to vote for and elect on Merit.
Long term:
*Continuously focus on quality, skills development and training of the Libyans in all areas
* Continuously focus on creating manufacturing and industrial complexes to produce quality goods and services for local consumption and export
* Continuously focus on tourism, education industry, exploration and development of natural resources other than oil
* Have a clear constitution for the Army and law enforcement agencies to stay clear of politics by defining their roles and duties to defend Libya, its people, Democracy, resources, borders and interests.
Name: amer
Date: 22/08/2011 04:08:55
fuck the rebels and fuck the NATO forces
Name: ansha
Date: 22/08/2011 10:30:51
westerns are murderers and arebians are foolish because no democracy in the world
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