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 Surgery in the womb works best for spinal defect 
Surgery to repair a birth defect known as spina bifida is best done in the womb rather than after the baby is born, the results of an eight-year US trial released Wednesday suggest.
 Physical exercise helps keeps cancer at bay: WHO 
The World Health Organisation is advising people engage in at least 150 minutes of "moderate" physical exercise a week to reduce the risk of breast and colon cancers, in new recommendations published Friday.
 British flu deaths more than double in week to 254 
The number of deaths in a seasonal flu epidemic in Britain has more than doubled in the past week to 254, up from 112 last week, figures from the government's Health Protection Agency (HPA) showed on Thursday.
 Japanese hospital to test new cancer therapy 
Medical researchers in Japan say they will start the world's first clinical studies of a radiation therapy using accelerator-based neutron beams to kill cancer cells.
 Germany closes 4,700 farms as dioxin crisis widens 
A food crisis in Germany deepened Friday as around 4,700 farms were closed after tests showed animal feed was contaminated by a cancer-causing chemical, and officials said they suspected foul play.
 Link Between Gum Disease and Diabetes Control 
Treating serious gum disease (Periodontitis) in diabetics can help to lower their blood sugar levels, a new study has found. Periodontal diseases may be classified as those infections which affect the bone holding the teeth in place, and the gums.
 Whole-Fat Dairy Products May Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study 
New research suggests that whole-fat dairy products -- generally shunned by health experts -- contain a fatty acid that may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
 New kind of HIV drug stalls infection in trial 
A new kind of experimental HIV medicine can halt one of the earliest stages of HIV infection and may lead in future to a novel class of drugs to fight other dangerous viruses, German scientists said on Wednesday.
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