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 The Five Cities (Pentapolis) 

Historians have easily established that Tripoli belongs to the group of the tri polis that included Sabratah, Oea (Tripoli) and Leptis Magna). These three cities were under the Romans. The Greek, however, did not only match these three cities but extended the number to five cities and were called "Pentapolis".
 American Tourists Explore Ancient Wonders of Libya 
Guests from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States, aboard Voyages to Antiquity's "Carthage Is To Be Deleted," itinerary this past week enjoyed unique visits to ancient archaeological sites in Libya, the highlight of their voyage that also took them to other North African countries.
 New research provides further evidence of how Libya's ancient Garamantes people were pioneers of civilizations across the Sahara 
Major research has recently been published providing additional evidence of how Libya's ancient Garamantes people were pioneers of civilisation across the Sahara - responsible for the spread of innovative ideas and technologies throughout the region and for a massive expansion in trade and cultural relations between North Africa, the Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa.
 Search for the Lost City, 'Ghila' 
We are not the new Indiana Jones and we do not want you to become Indiana Jones in order to search the "lost City".
 Grandeur and Serenity in the Heart of Tripoli 
Grand and Serene, these are the two words one would most definitely describe the newly opened Rixos Al Nasr Hotel in Tripoli, Libya. This luxurious hotel which opened its doors mid-March, promises to bring to its guests a taste of Turkish hospitality and its culture of service perfection.
 A Trip to Tarhuna and Its Surroundings 
There are many beautiful sites around Tripoli and it takes just a day to make a nice excursion and discover places of very high interest.
 Italian Popular Singer Appreciates Welcome Given Him in Libya 
Having graced the Italian music scene for decades since his debut in 1966 Italian singer Albano Carrisi, has finally made it to Libya. The singer/entertainer affectionately known by his first name, Albano, on Monday was the guest of the Italian Consulate General at the Misrah El Keshaf theatre for the Spring Concert where he enthralled a capacity crowd with his melodious voice
 Works on Palm City Project Almost Completed 
Works on Palm City Residences, the Maltese and Kuwaiti-owned luxury development in Libya, are now nearing completion as Mediterranean Investments Holding p.l.c. (MIH) gears up for the official inauguration of the project within four to five months.
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OEA Ladies Group Visits Palm City Residences Project
Members of the OEA Ladies were hosted by Palm City for a tour around the luxury development that is now nearing its final stages of completion. The guests were given a two-hour tour of the residential village, which is located right on Janzour’s waterfront and is scheduled for inauguration later this year.
Sokel-Ghizdara: Where Libyan Antiques of Love and Passion are Engraved - by Aboubakar Famau
“It is an art that needs passion and patience. Sometime it can take even a month to blend an artwork to your desired shape,” admitted Mohammad Assoudy, a Libyan copper and brass-engraving artist who has been in the profession for the last forty-seven years.
Libyans and the Culture of Baryush - by Aboubakar Famau
Libyans call it baryush, local slang for ‘croissant’. For most Libyans, the day won’t be a complete without a bite of baryush bread that will keep the mouth busy.
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