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Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 3:26 ( 1:26 GMT )
On Traffic Accidents in Libya: Speed Thrills but Kills
05/06/2009 21:38:00
It is very sad to note that so many people die or receive multiple injuries in fatal road accidents, forcing several people of productive age group either dead or disabled permanently. The number is growing year after year in multiple proportions and it is highly alarming and also disheartening.

Let us look into the various reasons which make these fatal accidents. The major reason is human errors. Most of the drivers, especially of small cars are careless and negligent in using the roads.

They should understand a point that how fast they drive is unimportant but how safe they drive is very important, as someone waits for them in their respective homes - a mother or a sister or a wife or a child.

It is very common scene in small cars that most of the drivers try to light a cigarette while driving at 120 to 140 kilometers per hour. At this speed controlling a steering wheel or balancing a car is not only risky but also dangerous.

Another important reason is use of mobiles while driving. It is again very dangerous not only for the drivers but also to the passengers as well. A fraction of a second makes all the difference. All accidents can be averted with little patience.

I have noticed many times drivers take coffee or chat with the passengers and drive. They should know that that is not the place to drink coffee/ tea nor for chatting with friends/ passengers, driving is a serious business after all.

It did not go without my observation that most of the drivers do not use safe belts. Even if they use them they do so just for the fear of police at check points. It should be made clear that it is for their safety they are meant.

The traffic police authorities should act seriously and penalize the drivers; those who indulge in such things must be heavily penalized and also cancel their licenses permanently.

Traffic police should also make announcements in the parking places in major towns and in Tripoli city about the accidents and rules to be followed while driving in local language.

There should be speed limit sign boards saying you can't drive past 70 km/hour or you drive at a particular speed in pro accident zones on all the main roads.

All the drivers should be given orientation courses in driving; their driving skills should be checked periodically; they should be asked to renew their driving licenses at the end of every five years at least; the issue of driving license procedures should be made very strict possible.

I noticed most of the senior drivers do not use eye glasses; all the drivers should be tested by opthomolagists (professional eye specialists) and should be supplied with eye glasses who ever needs.

I noticed in the Traffic week, some traffic policemen stopping all vehicles and issuing a pamphlet showing all precautions that should be taken while driving. It should be continued and this message on safe driving should be given wide publicity, through print and electronic media.

It should be mandatory for the traffic police to make it a point to take this message to people in colleges, schools, public places, offices and marketplaces and even in mosques.

Electronic media should play an important role such as like showing all the precautions to be taken, before getting on to the main road. It should be repeated at regular intervals, especially before, during and after prime time television programs like news or any religious program.

I observed that there are no speed breakers on the high way from Tripoli to Benghazi, which is also a reason for accidents. There must be speed breakers especially in the entry and exit points of the small towns like at Gharaboulli, Ghasr al-kiar, Alloos etc. Speed breakers also should be put up on 500 meters distance on either sides of all the mosques and schools/colleges, markets on the main road.

It is a good idea to introduce public transport facility with 50-seat buses for short distance towns also like Tripoli- Khooms/Zliten. The passengers who can be taken by 10 small cars will be accommodated in a single large bus, which would not only reduce the traffic but also minimize accidents.

Some of the suggestions I made are little expensive, some may be modified according to the local needs and some can be strengthened but definitely not impossible. So it is a high time for us to think about it seriously and act, as we can't afford to lose any more lives in disastrous accidents.

HOPE the Traffic police and transportation departments work together and make driving a pleasure on Libyan main roads.

Srinivas Vkulabharanam
Teachers College Suk Thalath, Zliten
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Name: sandy
Date: 03/04/2010 00:19:13
I agree with all that has been said by Vkulabharanam,I have seen drivers with young children on the drivers knee,s driving very fast on the airport road, if the police were to stop every driver and ask for their driving licence the roads would be empty, never in all my life have I ever seen such bad drivers who seem to have no concearn or safty for others on the roads of Libya, young people who are not even at the age to drive, where are the traffic police to stop drivers who use their mobiles no seat belts ,,seven or more people in a car, cars driven at night with no lights, it has to stop to save lives.
Name: Alkelany
Date: 17/05/2010 12:37:45
two of my classmates died in car accidents in one month..I can't explain how much we are depressed and sorry about their loss..I agree on all what has been written in this article and i wish that safety measures be taken by this month..Police should pay more effort and stop this disasterious phenomenon.. We just want to drive safely .. And believe me .. We prefer dying peacefully in our warm beds than dying smashed in a car accident.
Name: srivelukanna
Date: 18/07/2010 16:17:10
Name: neha
Date: 14/10/2010 09:30:13
it"s wonderful
Name: sandy
Date: 19/12/2010 20:20:29
Name: nikhil
Date: 02/10/2011 17:52:06
thanx fr this article coz i got 10 out of 10 fr this para in my school in fa4.....
Name: John A. H. MeyerDate: 13/03/2011 10:36:19
Greetings from Melbourne, Victoria State, Australia.
Having been in Libya 4 times, the people of Libya is very close to my Soul, Spirit & mind. I know that speed is something that seems to attract youngish persons: because is seems to fill a place in the boredom that so often is part of the youth. I have also been young once !...so I know it to be so ! However if "Self-regulation" is not part of the drivers of cars and other means of transport...then there should be a National LAW be put in place.
1) stick to the prescribed speed limits a t ALL times.
2) No Smoking, or lighting of Smokes while in control of a car. 3) No eating and drinking, while in control of a car. 4) absolutely No whatsoever usages of MOBILES and the like instruments when in control of a car.
"Control of a car" is intended to mean "driving a car".
Somehow I thinkk that also Libya has a Penal code, which is attached to its State's Constitution: and so it should not be hard to set something like this up.
Heavy penalties should apply to breaking any of such LAWS.
Kind Regards
John A. H. Meyer.
Name: boualem
Date: 22/04/2011 09:40:43
this problem is not only in lybia with car accident.but all over contries where people have no education,and without bases.don,t forget the schools to where the teacher,s don,t have a high level to educate the people.in one word.all the muslim world,arabs,black world are sick and their brain is not working in a good direction because of the barian wash thez received as a child.yoiu are in a big troubles,and your problem is your mentality which is very poor,and of course sexe problem .poor women in this part of the world where the sun is not allowed for them.becuase the men don,t know that our skin needs the vitamin d-from the sun.such a sick world full of sick men,with fanatisme,fatalisme ignorance etc etc.what hapened to the amazigh people?where is our history,our culture our sweet language? where are our king,s and queen,s.kahina ,dahia,massinissa,hannibal.i think our problem is religion.because with all the rules in all religions no way to change or to learn good things about life.my gud has no name,and he is not islam,nor catholic or budha. because men and women who belive in one gud should be free.so i,m not a member with anybody,but my gud is in my hearth and i don,t need to be with someone to be somthing.people of lybia! never stop fiting for your right and never believe in monster kadafi or his son,s. remember all the arabs are rules by families except algeria my country where we have a group of mafia whio love kadafi.friends of course .lot of money from the poor people. because like kadafi thez belive the petrol,and gaz is theirs and nothing to the people except the baton on our botom,s. cio amigos e amigas .freedom,freedom gud bless freedom.
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