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Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 3:26 ( 1:26 GMT )
Theory of Evolution and Scientific Facts
17/10/2009 22:59:00
I would like to express my opinion on the article( BEFORE "LUCY" THERE WAS "ARDI") publishes on the Tripoli post of this week on page no. 17 which I truly believe that should be revised in terms of (different between theory and scientific facts).

It all consists in a simple Scientific rule which is (a theory remains theoretical unless scientifically proved right ) and the deceit of the evolution theory is almost know all around the world, that's is because they have always gave theories supported by images and computerized figures of what they call our ancestors and never proved with real facts, images or fossils of the missing right that they presume have existed million of years ago and I challenge personally any evolution scientist that have any prove that could prove this theory right.

Allah Subhanahu wa taala, have created Adam (s) with his own hands which have become the greatest scientist ever created by Allah and that is due to the direct creation and knowledge that Allah thought him without intermediates, and then after ADAM (S) sin Allah sent him to earth to judge the human beings, and what this theory is transmitting thru false evident and images created by scientific imagination is putting those who don't know thru series and a dangers doubts on the creation of humans. And that's what our religion have fought form the arrival of ADAM to our days.

I believe that respectable people such as your selves should be aware of such facts and considering always the religious part plus the foundation of such information to publish, not stating that this country is one of the 100% Muslims countries and we are proud to be, what I see should be done in this matter is to raise the awareness of the people and specially teenagers about this theory and reveal the truth about its deceit.

I'm not here to judge or to show how someone should fill the empty part of a journal page, I'm not here to impose any kind of ideology, I'm just here to express an opinion about the fact of the deceit of a theory that fogged the truth using imagination picture a lot of unproved facts and lies to prove it, which evidentially proved how desperate those people are.

I have included a book of which talks about this argument and there are many and many in the world written by Muslims and non Muslims.

Issa Bayou, Tripoli, Libya
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Name: Doug
Date: 06/07/2011 02:57:18
Wouldn't want to use a scientific definition rather than a colloquial definition, would you?

(science) A set of statements or principles that may be tested through experimentation or otherwise by reasoning to explain certain facts or phenomena, and thereupon may be used as basis for predicting similar future occurrences or observations.
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