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Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 3:26 ( 1:26 GMT )
NATO Allies have no Credentials as Great Fighting-force
21/02/2010 21:13:00
As reported in the Tripoli Post, issue 290 (February 14), in order to kill the maximum number of Muslims in the forthcoming attack on Taliban stronghold in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, the American-led invading forces have sealed escape routes for Taliban.

Even if the invaders manage to subdue the Taliban there, it would not establish their credentials as a great fighting-force because equipped with helicopter gunships, fighter bombers and armoured vehicles, they are up against a rag-tag army of Talibans fighting them with assault rifles, hand-grenades and of course the fighting spirit plus a just and natural desire to rid their country of these occupying forces who, aided by fellow-crusaders, are attacking one Muslim country after the other.

Ostensibly, the invasion is because of 9/11 which they have already avenged many times over in their earlier action. The present stepped- up campaign is to punish Taliban for shielding Osama bin Laden whom they are now supposed to be trying to capture.

In 2001, the Americans were in a good position to capture Osama bin Laden when he was suck in Tora Bora mountains on Afghan border but they let him slip, perhaps deliberately so that they could later launch another full-scale invasion on Afghanistan with the declared aim of capturing Osama bin Laden and his associates and to eliminate the ‘terrorist network’ which, according to them, is putting the security of the whole world at risk.

Actually, Taliban had offered to hand over Osama for trial in a neutral country but the Americans rejected the proposal.

Even the US courts seem to be fighting their own ‘war on terror’.

This was amply demonstrated by the acquittal of Blackwater security guards who killed 17 innocent Iraqis. Further proof was the guilty verdict against Pakistani scientist Dr. Aafia.

S. R. Hashmi
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Name: judy kay
Date: 04/08/2011 00:28:33
gadhafi just said he wants bounya couda for his last meal no way can he bring the bread , saif gadhafi could become the minister of education.
Name: judith kay
Date: 27/05/2011 01:54:47
now just throw buster bombs of salt water on the aphganistan heroin plants then we can go.
Name: judith kay
Date: 14/06/2011 16:12:46
get a jet pack goes three miles or three minutes put a camera on it.
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