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22 Apr 2009 - 19 May 2022
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Hello. Facebook is hiring.
Our employees build and create technology that fundamentally changes how hundreds of millions of people around the world connect and share. Come work with us.
by department by location
Software Engineering
We write the code that you're using right now!
Legal, Finance, Facilities & Admin
We make sure things are smooth sailing.
Communications & Public Policy
We educate and inform.
Product Management
We get to work on big things and with everyone.
IT & Security
We build the global infrastructure that keeps Facebook employees connected.
HR & Recruiting
We're the people behind the people at Facebook.
Design & User Experience
We're the creative force that designs and builds.
Technical Operations
We deploy some of the largest architecture on the web.
Growth & Analytics
We help bring Facebook to the world.
Sales & Business Development
We drive distribution of the Facebook brand worldwide.
Online Operations
We're on the front lines talking with our users, advertisers, and partners.
Platform & Product Marketing
We help developers make the web more social.
Benefits and Perks
We've got it good!
At our Palo Alto headquarters, we also offer free breakfast, lunch and dinner at our Cafe. Whether you're looking for healthy salads, or hearty world cuisine from Belize, India, etc., or just a couple slices of pizza, Chef Josef and his team of culinary geniuses in Palo Alto make it happen every day.
Life at Facebook
Innovation is paramount
No matter what part of Facebook you join, you'll be building something big and new. You won't simply be finding answers; you'll be framing questions that no one has ever asked before - and identifying unprecedented opportunities. We welcome pioneers. In fact, we insist on them.
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