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Military council fails to defuse mounting tales of torture in Egypt
With accusations that Egypt's army uses torture against prisoners gaining more attention in the media, the tireless work of campaigners to highlight an issue that has dogged the military rulers is starting to reap reward  
No Military Trials group: Many protesters released, more still detained
Protesters arrested and subject to military trials, now acquitted, testify to rough treatment inside military prisons

EIPR highlights prison martyrs during revolution
At least 100 inmates were killed in Egyptian prisons during the early days of the January 25 Revolution, says human rights group

Missing Ahram journalist is dead, claims retired police officer
In a series of explosive claims, a retired police officer says documents he possesses show the journalist Reda Helal was murdered by the Mubarak regime and that State Security was behind the Two Saints Church bombing

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Military occupies Egypt's iconic square but people power continues to haunt Tahrir
Despite the conspicuous presence of security forces in Tahrir Square since it was cleared of protesters at the start of the month, activists still hope to return there

Egyptian activists call for first million man march against Israel Friday
Protest called to raise the pressure on the Egyptian authorities to expel Israel's ambassador to Cairo following the death last week of five soldiers along the border in Sinai

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