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27 Jun 2011 - 10 Oct 2016
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Searching and Applying for Jobs
How many vacancies are there?
What is your recruitment process?
How do I submit a resume?
When is the deadline for applications?
Can I submit my information without applying for a position?
What happens to my resume after it’s been submitted?
After I submit my profile and/or application, will I receive a response?
Will I hear back from a recruiter?
Is there a limit to the number of roles I can apply for?
Does Bloomberg have a policy on hiring relatives of current employees?
Does Bloomberg accept applications from candidates requiring work sponsorship?
How long can I expect to wait to hear back once I have submitted my application?
If I have been unsuccessful in the interview process for one role, will I automatically be rejected from another role in the same or different department?
Working at Bloomberg
Will there be training and development opportunities in my new role?
Will there be opportunities for career progression?
Are there opportunities to pursue external study/qualifications?
Where will I be based?
Will I be able to use my language skills?
Will there be an opportunity to travel?
What salary do you offer?
What is the standard benefits package at Bloomberg?
Entry-level & Internship Opportunities
Do I have to be a finance or business graduate to apply?
I work outside the finance industry. Would you be interested in my application?
When is the deadline for applications?
Do you have a summer internship program?
When should I apply for the Summer Internship?
Do you have to be an undergraduate to apply?
What is the duration of the Summer Internship Program?
What kind of work should I expect from the placement?
Will I be able to gain a full-time position following my internship?
How can I invite Bloomberg to recruit at my school?
What if my school is not one of Bloomberg’s target schools–can I still apply?
Are your internships paid?
Does Bloomberg help with my apartment/living situation during the internship?
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