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08 Apr 2010 - 02 Mar 2012
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Google News Known Issues
You can use the list below to find out if your problem is a known issue. If the problem is listed here, our team is aware of it. Click on any issue listed to see its current status and further details.
Please note: Due to high volume, we're unable to answer email about our known issues. When you click the 'Report' button, you'll send a report and help us to determine how many people are experiencing the issue.
General Issues
Videos restart when the Google News homepage refreshes
Redirect notices
Local Section Issues
I don't get any news articles about my location
Zipcode brings up wrong location in my Local section
I enter my location, but the articles provided are about another location
Personalization Issues
I can't keep specific keywords from showing up in my custom section
I can't restrict the articles in my custom section to a specific site
Don't see your issue listed above?
If you've found a new problem that's not listed on our Known Issues page, let us know and we'll investigate.
Recent fixes
Google News Sitemaps is showing "0 Indexed URLs" in my Webmaster Tools account
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