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6 Jan 2008 - 8 Jan 2015
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   1.44     AL-Sadeer Hotel 56 59       
Iraq Stocks Exchange
Last Session Date 25/08/2011
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Iraqi Engineering Works3.153.4-7.94
Al-Khair for Financial Investment0.520.55-5.77
Kharkh Tour Amuzement City11.111.5-3.6
Iraqi Agricultural Products77.25-3.57
Iraqi Carton Manufacturies1.221.25-2.46
Mansour Hotel40.0240.95-2.32
الغــازيـــة شــمـالـيــة0.640.65-1.56
Karbala Hotels5.55.58-1.45
Iraqi for Seed Production3.653.68-0.82
Ashour Hotel15.415.5-0.65
Fallujah Construction Materials3.53.51-0.29
National Chemical Industries4.44.41-0.23
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AL-Sadeer Hotel70665.71
Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance0.990.954.04
Middle East Investment Bank1.91.833.68
Baghdad Soft Drinks2.051.983.41
Commercial Bank of Iraqi1.31.263.08
Credit Bank Of Iraq4.13.982.93
Al-Mansour Bank1.391.352.88
Kirkuk For Producing1.711.672.34
Tourist Village of Mosul dam35.5351.41
Iraqi Agricultural Marketing Meat7.657.551.31
Sumer Commerical Bank0.820.811.22
Iraqi For Tufted Carpets4.434.410.45
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Iraqi Land Transport=6.756.750
المصـرف الاهـلي العراقي خ=1.061.060
Mamoura Realestate Investment=550
Ready Made Clothes=440
الخيمة للاستثمار المالي خ=110
Al-Zawraa for Finanical Investment=110
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