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Turkey downgrades ties with Israel
Secret files: Gaddafi had spies in rebel camp
Gaddafi vows to carry on fighting
EU tightens sanctions on Syria
Taliban kidnaps 30 Pakistani boys
Malema to face ANC disciplinary charges
Firebrand youth leader told hearing against him for bringing South African ruling party into disrepute must go on.
Last Modified: 02 Sep 2011 11:41 GMT
Two arrested in Berlusconi extortion case
Businessman and wife allegedly blackmailed Italian prime minister with details related to his ongoing sex scandal.
Last Modified: 02 Sep 2011 05:43 GMT
US 'to sue major banks over mortgages'
Lawsuits will seek $20bn in compensation for banks' failure over subprime home loans, according to reports.
Last Modified: 02 Sep 2011 08:18 GMT
New Japanese PM unveils youthful cabinet
Defying expectations, Yoshihiko Noda bases his selections on unity building rather than political experience.
Last Modified: 02 Sep 2011 08:39 GMT
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Mexican gangs threaten school teachers
In the city of Acapulco, at least four teachers have turned up missing for refusing to pay gangs half of their salaries.

Pakistan's private security sector booms
Ordinary citizens join the ranks of those paying for protection in violence-wracked country.

Scientists claim cancer-fighting breakthrough
Researchers say genetically engineered virus targets tumours without harming healthy tissue.

Ned Kelly's remains identified
DNA tests conclusively confirm that skeleton belongs to infamous Australian outlaw.

S Korea's e-Sports generation
The World Championships are being held in Daegu but for many South Koreans the action is in front of a computer screen.

Kenya violence suspects face ICC hearing
Hague court to decide on whether to confirm cases against six individuals over deadly post-poll riots in 2008.

Gaddafi foreign minister speaks to Al Jazeera
Abdelati Obeidi, in NTC custody in Tripoli, speaks exclusively to our correspondent James Bays.

Clashes erupt in South Sudan
Hundreds dead after tribal fighting, posing difficulties for the world's newest nation.
People and Power 31 Aug 2011 08:07 GMT

Cuba has taken a dramatic step away from its socialist policies of the past, but how has this impacted ordinary Cubans?
Witness 31 Aug 2011 08:42 GMT

One woman's enterprise helps DR Congo's rape survivors find healing and an independent income through farming.
In Depth
Chris Arsenault and Franc Contreras 02 Sep 2011 12:23 GMT

In Acapulco, 140 elementary schools have closed as teachers face extortion and kidnappings from gangsters.
Evan Hill in Libya 02 Sep 2011 06:13 GMT

Black Libyans and migrants are stuck in Tripoli in squalid conditions and threats of violence.
People & Power
A groundbreaking investigative programme, which looks at the use and abuse of power.

Al Jazeera Correspondent
From remote corners of Tibet to the mines of Chile, Al Jazeera's correspondents take us on their journey of discovery.

The 9/11 Decade: The Intelligence War
In the first of three films on the aftermath of 9/11, we examine the highs and lows of the intelligence war.

101 East
A weekly discussion programme on Asia-Pacific current affairs.

Bringing world issues into focus with courageous and inspiring human stories.

Surprising Europe
An energetic series about the reality of life in Europe as an African migrant.
Intricacies of Bahrain's Shia Sunni divide
Shirin Sadeghi
Addressing grievances in Gaza
Mohammed Suliman
Obama's betrayals offer lessons we can't deny
Danny Schechter
The ethics of digital direct action
Gabriella Coleman
Zizek and Gaddafi: Living in the old world
Hamid Dabashi
The Arab Spring: Anatomy of a tipping point
Leila Hudson and Matt Flannes
Libya: The triumphalism of the US media
Ted Rall
Language becomes a political weapon in Israel
Mya Guarnieri
Manipulating social networks
Jillian C. York
Saving children in the Horn of Africa
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Turkey downgrades ties with Israel
Secret files: Gaddafi had spies in rebel camp
Gaddafi vows to carry on fighting
Obama's betrayals offer lessons we can't deny
Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi
Rick Perry: Too big to fail?
Cuba: The times are changing
Zizek and Gaddafi: Living in the old world
Migrants suffer in Tripoli camps
Taliban kidnaps 30 Pakistani boys
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