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29 July 2011
World Hepatitis Day: Access to Information on the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the "Egyptian Interferon" is a right to every HCV Patient in Egypt
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) issued a briefing note on the World Hepatitis Day, 28 July 2011, presenting the most important features of the debate over the quality, safety and efficacy (QSE) of long-lasting interferon, produced by the Egyptian company Minapharm under the trade name 'Reiferon Retard', known by the media as 'Egyptian Interferon'.
28 July 2011
In a Detailed Testimony from the Sidelines of the Events in Abbassiya: EIPR Lodges Complaint for Activist Gharbeia's Unlawful Detention
13 July 2011
National Initiative to Rebuild the Police Force... A Police for the People of Egypt
11 July 2011
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights Files a Petition with the Public Prosecutor, Demanding to Open the File on Police Intimidation of Those Injured During the Revolution
5 July 2011
Human Rights Organisations Challenge the Referral of a Young Woman to Military Court
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Law Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Welcome Step that Requires Careful Implementation
Two Years of Sectarian Violence: What happened? Where do we begin? An Analytical Study of Jan 2008 -Jan 2010
Organ Transplant Legislation: From Trade to Donation
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Reports and Studies
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