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04 Jun 2010 - 05 May 2021
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Job Announcement

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) has a job opening for a full-time Research Director for a minimum of one year subject to renewal. The successful applicant will manage and coordinate EIPR's research programs and their work, including fact-finding mission reports, field investigations, policy research and legal studies. The appointed Research Director will report directly to the Associate Directors and Executive Director.

Job Responsibilities
The Research Director will:
• set the EIPR's research agenda, as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote and protect human rights in Egypt after the Revolution.
• oversee and coordinate EIPR's main research projects.
• provide technical support to EIPR researchers while they are carrying out their research projects.
• train the programs' team members on research and fact-finding methodologies, interview strategies and techniques with victims of human rights abuses and documenting their testimonies, in addition to evidence-based writing skills.
• review EIPR's research publications, including reports, studies, policy papers, op-eds, press releases, and other written materials
•  ensure that research methodology meets the highest possible standards of quality and expertise.
• share responsibility for certain necessary administrative tasks as an EIPR team member, including participation in staff meetings
• Outstanding skills and experience in management and team leadership
• Extensive experience of research, preferably in the field of human rights
• Extensive knowledge and understanding of research principles and methodology
• A university degree in a relevant field (e.g. human rights, public policy, sociology)
• Excellent command of written Arabic and a good knowledge of English
• In-depth knowledge of specific research areas is not essential, but familiarity with and understanding of the sociopolitical context of Egypt will be expected
• Demonstrated commitment to universal human rights
• Ability to work well under pressure, both as an individual and as part of a team, and to handle multiple tasks at once
• Privilege will be given to applicants with experience in editing and reviewing research papers.

Salary will be commensurate with experience, and within the range of salaries paid by local human rights NGOs.

Applicants should send their CV, cover letter, and a writing sample in Arabic or English to vacancies@eipr.org before 22 August.
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