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27 Jan 2011 - 07 May 2021
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Anti-Gaddafi troops move on Sirte
Libya's interim authorities say their fighters have entered the coastal city of Sirte, one of the last places held by supporters of Col Gaddafi.
Redknapp bemoans penalty decision
Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp says his side should have been awarded a penalty against PAOK Salonika as British and Irish teams endure a night to forget in the Europa League.
Before the storm in Cameroon
Each year the red earth thirsts for rain, and tribal kinds harness sacred spirits to summon the abundance of nature once more.
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Banks act amid new crisis warning
Five central banks announce co-ordinated action to try to help the financial system, as the boss of the IMF warns of a "dangerous" new economic phase.
Norway killer was filmed on CCTV
The man who confessed to killing 77 people in Norway in July was filmed by security cameras minutes before the attacks, it has emerged.
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Market Data Wed, 14 Sep 2011 23:59 BST
(min delay 15 mins) Marketwatch Ticker
Market NameCurrent ValueMovementChangePercentage Change
Dow Jones11246.73+140.881.27%
FTSE 1005227.02+52.771.02%
Cac 402949.14+54.211.87%
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Fifa dismisses Bin Hammam appeal
Mohamed bin Hammam will take his case against a lifetime ban from football to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after Fifa rejects his initial appeal.
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FBI tackles celebrity photo leaks
The FBI is investigating computer hacking attacks on celebrities after photos which appear to show Scarlett Johansson nude were posted online.
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Big drop in child mortality - UN
The number of children under five who die every year plummets from 12 million in 1990, to 7.6 million last year, say Unicef and the World Health Organization.
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Low demand hurts Blackberry maker
Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion sees its second-quarter profits more than halve, hurt by low demand for its older models.
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Dino feather tale locked in amber
Samples of amber from Canada have yielded the most complete story of feather evolution ever seen, scientists say.
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Brush up quickly on a new country
A little preparation can help ease the way in a new place, impress business colleagues and make the traveller a better guest.
Two days in Siena, Italy
Explore behind Siena’s mesmerising, well-preserved Gothic facades, and dine on handmade pasta in the city’s finest restaurants.
Mini guide to St Petersburg
Peter the Great’s city has canals that reflect a spellbinding collection of cultural palaces, and the environment inspired many great artists and musical maestros.
Singapore’s new boutique hotels
Finding a stylish alternative to the high prices of big hotels in the Southeast Asian city-state
Florence’s art for free
The museums in the birthplace of Renaissance art can get expensive. Luckily there are a few artistic treasures that cost nothing to enjoy.
The Hague peace crawl
The Netherlands city known for tribunals on international war crimes, lets visitors eyewitness history
See the world’s largest Big Mac
McDonald’s iconic sandwich has a 14ft tall replica and a whole Pennsylvania museum to its name.
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Paramilitarismo y política: una amenaza que persiste en Colombia
La condena a un exjefe de la policía secreta subraya el alcance de la infiltración de los paramilitares en la política colombiana. Se teme el impacto de los grupos armados ilegales en las próximas elecciones municipales.
ليبيا: قوات المجلس الانتقالي تعلن دخول سرت
أكد متحدث باسم قوات المجلس الانتقالي الليبي إن وحدة تابعة لهم دخلت ضواحي مدينة سرت مسقط رأس العقيد معمر القذافي، بينما وصل وزير الخارجية المصري محمد كامل عمرو إلى طرابلس التي زارها أيضا الرئيس الفرنسي ورئيس الوزراء البريطاني.
فلسطینیان تاریخ درخواست عضویت در سازمان ملل را تعیین کردند
ریاض مالکی ، سخنگوی فلسطینیان می گوید آنها هفته آینده در خواست عضویت کامل در سازمان ملل متحد را ارائه خواهند کرد.
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Revolution uploaded
Enter the strange and secretive world of the exiled webmasters keeping Syria's uprising online.
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