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Sunday, 25 September 2011
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Yemeni forces attack main opposition camp
The main opposition protest camp in Sanaa cames was under heavy mortar fire and sniper attack early on Saturday, just hours after President Saleh returned from a three-month absence calling for an end to fighting in the capital  
Gulf mediator leaves Yemen empty-handed
President Saleh returns to Yemen amid gunfire, blasts
Back home, Yemeni president calls for cease-fire
Saleh back in Yemen to 'prepare for elections
US urges Yemen's Saleh to step aside
Bahrainis boycott by-elections prompted by walkout
Bahraini by-elections boycotted by the Shiite opposition after it walked out of parliament over violence against pro-democracy activists registered a poor turnout on Saturday

Negotiations are not an option, leading Palestinian Shaath tells Ahram Online
While the Fatah leadership pushes ahead at the UN, Palestinians remain divided, though a majority believes the UN move has helped expose the real positions of Western states

West Bank Palestinians celebrate UN bid, Gaza sullen, future uncertain
Palestinians bask in the joy of their historic UN bid on Saturday, but difficult questions about the move's consequences and the future of their dream of statehood

Heavy security in Bahrain for parliament elections
Bahraini police set up checkpoints and patrolled key roads Saturday in a massive show of force during highly charged parliamentary elections that Shiite-led opposition groups have vowed to boycott.

Palestinians make history at UN
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hands over a historic request for recognition to UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Obama links education reform to economic recovery
Young people in the US are falling behind their overseas peers in reading, math and science, President Obama said on Saturday, calling education reform an essential part of economic recovery.

NASA satellite breaks up in plunge to Earth
The NASA satellite UARS crash-lands after an uncontrollable fall through the Earth's atmosphere - the location of the crash is not get known

Greece says not seeking new way out of crisis
Greece denies seeking new measures to reduce debt in the face of strikes against hugely unpopular austerity measures

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