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24 Sep 2011 - 25 Nov 2012
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Quiz: Who am I?
What is Heritage Day to you, what exactly does it mean to be South African? We've chosen 10 individuals who, whether we like it or not, either reflect or help shape our perception of who we are as a nation. While not all of them add to the greater good of our collective consciousness, they've possibly made us think about things we need to change.
Further still, many of them have inspired us and made our hearts swell with pride. After all, part of what makes our nation so amazing is that we're mostly able to celebrated our heritage and culture, warts and all, so go on and try our "Who am I?" quiz...

"My outspoken columns have inspired and provoked. I tell it how it is,
and if something sickens me, I say so! I am so gifted with words that I
even criticise books I haven't read. Although I was fired, for a comment
regarding a burning tyre, I am far from burnt out!"

Eric Miyeni

Jon Qwelane

David Bullard

Route: Golden Gate
Next seaside holiday, set a day aside and take a detour through Golden Gate.
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