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I did not want to die. I wanted to live and explore life, says Annelie Marais.
Follow this guide and by November you too could do this, even if you are unfit now.
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How Jobs was treated for pancreatic cancer
Steve Jobs managed to live more than seven years with a rare form of pancreatic cancer that grows more slowly than the common kind.
Food ads for kids worrying
Raw sewage next frontier in science
SMSing while driving is dangerous
Personal stem cells from cloning
Mom's meds cause problems for girls
Good homes help gloomy kids
Testosterone lowers heart risk
Tough economy keeps drunks at home
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RWC 2011
We take a look at everything rugby-related. From the most common injuries, and how they're treated, to how to become a professional rugby player.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here's what every woman should know for better breast health.
Skryf in vir die BeweegSA leefstyl-uitdaging met Health24, Sarie en RSG. Verloor gewig, word fiks en verander vir altyd jou leefstyl.
These slideshows cover health, diet, emotional and fitness issues. Get them all right here.
Everything you need to know about common digestive disorders and how to keep your digestive system healthy here/a>.

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In these quick videos, we have isolated the zones, identified the best exercises for each zone, and made the moves crystal clear. Watch the video
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A study showing that sleepy teens are prone to bad behaviour could make for some easy and practical parental intervention.
I make sure that my teens get 8 hours of sleep during the week
I try, but they carry on texting and gaming when I've gone to bed
I can't control their sleep patterns at all
I don't know any teens
It's just another excuse for bad behaviour
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