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10 Apr 2010 - 28 Nov 2017
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Crack yourself up with this silly, sex-filled peep into your star sign.While Kim’s body is starting to function better she realises that her sense of humour is following suit.
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The Bold: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Ridge punches Liam, Oliver and Hope reconcile and Jackie gives Nick advice about his relationship with Aggie. ...read more
Scandal: 26 - 29 Sep
Shakira finds a way to participate in Lucky's life and Palesa is worried that Lefa may get too attached to his day care minder. ...read more
Days of our lives: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Sami is a key witness when Mayor Marino is shot, Chloe almost tells Nicole about Sami's pregnancy and Kate undergoes her first round of chemotherapy. ...read more
Binneland: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Stefanie warns Jennifer about Warrick, Pippa testifies against Jennifer and Roelien accuses Coen of being in love with Pippa. ...read more
7de Laan: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Gita's latest activities cause a stir in the Laan, Vince and Bonita's big day arrives and Kabelo allows a golden opportunity to slip through his fingers. ...read more
Isidingo: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Len tries to save Kimberly from Barker, Lolly implements a plan to help Frank and Priya begins to make an intriguing connection in Frank's past. ...read more
Generations: 26 Sep - 7 Oct
Sharon's payback plan backfires on her, Sharon is furious when her star subject lets her down and Samuel is faced with a dilemma. ...read more
Soapie Updates: Get your fix NOW!
A complete spoiler & teaser guide for all your favourite TV shows! ...read more
The Bold: 12 - 23 Sep
Taylor attempts to mend Ridge and Steffy's strained relationship, Brooke and Oliver beg Hope to forgive them for what they've done to her. ...read more
Days of our Lives: 12 - 23 Sep
Sami refuses to tell E.J. that she's pregnant,  E.J. takes Nicole to the hospital to determine the baby's paternity and Nicole moves into the DiMera mansion. ...read more
7de Laan: 12 - 23 Sep
Charmaine tries to reach out to Vince, Xander delves deeper into Rick's past and Bernard is unnerved when he discovers that Gita has returned. ...read more
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Soap box
Do you have a penchant for scandalous soapies? Get your weekly update here.
Dineo is freaked out by Paul's strange behaviour, and Sharon is forced into doing something against her will.
Eric reconciles with Donna and Brooke and Ridge come to an understanding. -Read more
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Is Miley and John 'anything-for-publicity' Mayer an item, who's Jen Aniston dating now and what on earth is going on in Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage?! Read more
You would have thought everything celebs wear is original. Not so, *Ulpha* says. Read more
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