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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
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Polio Surveillance in India
조회수: 40 - 1개월 전
Traveling in Dolakha district, Nepal
조회수: 82 - 1개월 전
The Future of Nagorno-Karabakh
조회수: 359 - 1개월 전
Conflict Minerals in the DRC
조회수: 157 - 2개월 전
Nepal Revives Tourism, Targets LGBT
조회수: 745 - 3개월 전
Ghana Oil Industry Yet to Create Jobs
조회수: 138 - 3개월 전
North Korea's Crystal Meth Export 2
조회수: 126 - 3개월 전
North Korea's Crystal Meth Export 3
조회수: 285 - 3개월 전
North Korea's Crystal Meth Export 1
조회수: 183 - 3개월 전
Professor Shehata's address to ADC
조회수: 25 - 3개월 전
Natalia Manzurova: Chernobyl Survivor
조회수: 1,215 - 5개월 전
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2007. 01. 2.
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The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting's mission is to promote in-depth coverage of international affairs, focusing on topics that have been under-reported, mis-reported - or not reported at all. The majority of the videos here are part of larger reporting projects from around the world.

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Visit the Pulitzer Center's website to find a wealth of related resources for each video as well as information about our travel grants program.

Comments posted to this channel are moderated. The Pulitzer Center does not delete comments on this site based on differences in point of view or disagreements. The Pulitzer Center deletes comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise intolerant. The Pulitzer Center staff reserves the right to delete comments that advocate or support unlawful violence or hatred. The Pulitzer Center also does not allow hate speech of any kind, ad hominem attacks, or the use of superfluous profanity.
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PulitzerCenter, cool channel!
Very interesting post - Might be old news, but it was news to me.
EmilyBronte2 (1개월 전)
Really interesting political videos :)
rachelcelisa (1개월 전)
cool videos.. looking forward for more videos to upload
motivationalspeakPH (1개월 전)
very entertaining and informative page. Ill be back..
hilltribesofburma (2개월 전)
Happy 66th Birthday to "The Lady" of Burma
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
Daw Suu is a precious gift of kindness and liberation for the world.
indayzosaferanil (3개월 전)
what a beautiful video! Every government official, public and private sector leader, and representatives of key stakeholders should see the video of Nigerian women having children or unplanned pregnancies and facing so many risks. My heart went out to the mothers and babies being born and facing so much risks.
raymondmiloshIII (3개월 전)
The Onion deserves the Pulitzer Prize
usavisathailand (4개월 전)
You have very interesting videos here. Love your channel.
thailandadoption (4개월 전)
Awesome channel, keep it up!
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