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Open Office
What is Open Office?
Open Office is an open-source office suite which includes loads of different tools to manage all different areas of business. All data that it stores is in internationally recognised formats so you can use the files in all kinds of software. Even if you have a different office suite at home, you should have no problems working on documents in Openoffice at home and then going into work and using a completely different package. This is one of the biggest reasons why people can switch to this office suite without having any issues with doing it.
The first stable Open Office download was released many years ago, back in 2002. Since then, a number of large organisations has helped in the development of Open Office to make it what it is today. It supports over 110 different languages so no matter where you come from, you should be able to use this suite in your normal life. Open Office vastly becoming more and more popular every single day with people switching to it rather than paying for packages which don't have as many features. People around the world are using our Open Office download and are switching from others such as Microsoft Office which really aren't good value for money and will cause you a lot of problems in the long run. You really don't need to look elsewhere so just go ahead and use our free download now.
Throughout it's life, some of the world's leading companies have helped to contribute to the development. It was initially started by Sun Microsystems, the creator of the very popular Java and has been passed on since then to the Oracle Corporation and then finally to the Apache Software Foundation. Very talented teams of developers and designers have done their best to make Openoffice of the best free software suites available to date. Use our Open Office download now if you want to benefit from all of the hard work that has been put in to make this software the best available, you really won't find on office suite for free which includes the same functionality. You'll find tons of positive reviews about it.
So, what does the future have in store for Open Office? The latest version which is currently being tested is 3.4.0. This will boast many more features that will help to make managing your business and personal work much quicker and easier. We aren't able to give you exact details on this just yet but what we can recommend is that if you're looking for an office suite to use, you won't find one better than Open Office. It's available on multiple different platforms and operating systems so no matter who you are, you can enjoy what the development team has to offer, whether that be Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Open Office is suitable for all and is used by so many people on many different configurations. Some of the largest businesses around the world use the suite on a regular basis without any issues at all.
Now, we know that many people around the world will be trying to use Openoffice but won't be sure whether it's right for them. This website is in English, will my main language actually be supported? The simple answer is yes. Open Office has support for around 110 different languages spoken worldwide and you can switch between them at the press of a button, you won't find an open source office suite like the one we're able to provide for you. The best thing to note is that it is and always will be completely free of charge. We have millions of users around the globe who all enjoy Open Office on a regular basis, now you can be the next and install it with our free Openoffice download. Do your best to contribute if you're able to do so, the more people who work on the office suite the better it'll be for everyone.
Open Office Download – Features
Our Open Office download contains many different features in each of the tools. Let's highlight a few of the main features in some of their most popular tools that everyone use in their everyday life when they use our Open Office download.
Writer: This is a word processing software in Openoffice which boasts many extras you're going to need. Autocorrection is installed so that if you're unsure about how to write a word, the software will come to your assistance and give you suggestions on what to do. Others include autocompletion, formatting, illustrations, advanced formatting - everything you will need in advanced word processor like this, included in our Open Office download. It's hard to go into exact detail about all of the different features included in Writer so we recommend that you install the suite so you can see it all for yourself.
Calc: This is Openoffice​'s spreadsheet management software. It saves in all of the major file formats so that you can import it into Excel with ease. There are lots of mathematically functions available to make it easier to update on a regular basis. Formulas can be created very simply even if you aren't sure about what you're doing by using the Openoffice software. You'll find that this is actually a much better version that Microsoft's Excel in a huge amount of areas and a lot of people do prefer this to what we've just mentioned.
Impress: This is Open Office's way to help produce and distribute presentations for use in the work place. It has some very unique features, such as the ability to export your presentation as an SWF file - making it usable on any computer which has the flash player installed. It supports the Microsoft Powerpoint file formats and can even export to PDF files. You'll also find that there is a huge amount of slide transitions which will help you to make the most out of your presentation no matter what you need to do it for.
Base: If you're looking for a way to manage your data, possibly even customer information, then you need a database software to do this. Open Office includes Base, which supports mainly different protocols including the very popular MySQL format. If you have a lot of data to manage, Base is the best way to do so because of how easy it is to use it. You can have all your data formatted correctly within minutes! This is one of the most popular ways of keeping data safe for business owners who rely on having up-to-date and secure information about their customers.
Draw: Creating images is a very common thing, you can use them in many different areas - you could insert them into documents, presentations or even websites. Normally, you may struggle to find an application which will be able to do the job for you but Open Office includes one so that you don't need to worry. Draw includes many advanced features which make it very comparable to other well known software such as Photoshop or GIMP. This is a very good tool that we recommend using, only with Openoffice​.
Math: Most likely you won't really need this tool but there are some, mainly involved in mathematics or education, who will find it useful. This app will allow you to create your own formulae using common expressions, normally a difficult task in any other suite. You will only be able to get this if you use our Open Office download so we highly recommend that you go ahead and use it while you still can, join the rest of the community and if you use math on a regular basis, this will be of huge help to you.
Open Office Free To Download
Open Office is a completely free piece of software. The development team work day and night on it to ensure that all of the tools offered are revolutionary and offer much more than any other office suite. Openoffice is easily comparable with other programs such as the very popular Microsoft Office. If this is the suite you're currently using, you'd be surprised to know that many people do switch from using it to our free alternative mainly because of how reliable it is and some of the unique features that you won't be able to find anywhere else. You should read some of the guides we've posted on our site to find out more about the different features included in the office suite that really will change how you manage your information and reports.
Because of the fact that Open Office is open source, anyone can make alterations to the software and release them if the community is likely to benefit. Openoffice includes an extensions system which allows any programmer to create new features for any of the tools included to and add functionality in a variety of different ways. Make sure you read our advice for developers before getting started on this, it isn't something that every user will be able to do but if you really want to contribute back to the community, it may just be best solution to go with.
Our Open Office Download website allows you to do exactly as stated - you can find a free download of this excellent software suite. The download button can be found above, just click the button when you're running on a Windows-based Operating System and the download will start. Install the program and you're ready to go, you'll soon be able to manage your work with ease with this suite. No wonder our Open Office download is so popular, we just want to help our users and will implement as many features as we can to achieve this! If you have any other ideas, feel free to get into contact with us and we'll try to add the features to the software.
So, what else do you need to know about Open Office? Major updates are done every so often, normally every year or two. These include a huge amount of extra features, if you're interested in knowing more you should be able to find it on our history page. We can't give specific information about future updates but we can tell you that you need to keep your eye out and update the software when it becomes available if you want to get the full benefits from Open Office. You should also try and look out for smaller updates which are done every few months which can fix small bugs and add extras that people have requested. Everyone who develops the suite wants to listen to new ideas to make things easier for you.
There's one that we haven't yet mentioned about this piece of software. There are a huge amount of different Open Office extensions that are available to download, all of which are free. These add even more features to the suite, there are thousands of them available and you can find the best of which on our extensions page. We believe that you should never have to pay a cent for a great piece of software like Openoffice​, what do you think? If you still aren't sure, read Why Open Office?
What are you waiting for? Get started right now and use our free Open Office download, with only a few clicks of your mouse you'll be running our revolutionary office suite. When you've finished the installation, you'll be glad you did it and you'll never look back. If you aren't sure about how to do it, feel free to go to our download page and we'll give you detailed instructions about what you need to do to get the office suite installed onto your system. Join the community of millions who use it too!
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