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27 Sep 2011
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Yemen protesters die in clashes with police | euronews, world news
Posted: 19th September 2011 by slaterbakh in middle east
Violence has returned to Yemen with security forces firing on demonstrators in the capital Sanaa.
At least 25 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a dramatic escalation of protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Protester Salim Allaw said it was the twenty-sixth massacre of the regime since the beginning of the revolution until now.
“The security forces objected to our peaceful march which we had announced would be peaceful, we were not carrying weapons, but still they fired on us with heavy machine guns, and they used internationally banned gas.”
It had been the largest anti-Saleh rally in months. The president, who is refusing to handover power, is currently in neighbouring Saudi Arabia recovering from a June assassination attempt.
via Yemen protesters die in clashes with police | euronews, world news.
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