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September 23, 2011
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Photo: Reuters
Pakistan Condemns US Comments About Spy Agency
Relationship fraught with difficulty suffers another blow after US military commander accuses Islamabad of supporting extremist groups
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US Accuses Pakistan of Exporting Violence to Afghanistan
Pakistan Arrests Extremist Leader For Inciting Sectarian Violence
US Presses Pakistan for Action on Haqqani Network‎
US Agrees to Limit Troops in Pakistan
Former Afghan President Buried in Kabul
Burhanuddin Rabani was killed at his home by a suicide bomber purporting to be a Taliban peace emissary
Duty Free Quota Restrictions on Bangladesh Garments Lifted
Concessions come at an opportune time when orders from Western countries may slow due to fears of another recession
Recession Fears Prompt Asian Stock Sell-Off
Markets in South Korea, Taipei, Manila and Australia all posted losses at closing
US Accuses Pakistan of Exporting Violence to Afghanistan
Future of US relationship with Pakistan comes into greater question as US prepares to draw down its troop presence in Afghanistan
Pakistan Arrests Extremist Leader For Inciting Sectarian Violence
Malik Ishaq, head of the banned Sunni Muslim extremist group Laskhar-e-Jhangvi, under house arrest for 10 days
International Community Looks to Afghan Economic Stability
Meeting on sidelines of UN General Assembly focuses on strategy for sustainable economic growth as way to increase peace and prosperity
China Condemns Proposed US-Taiwan Arms Sale
Obama administration plans $5 billion upgrade of Taiwan's F-16 fighter fleet, but no new planes to be sold
Khmer Rouge Court to Try Former Leaders Crime by Crime
Decision means tribunal will conduct a series of smaller trials of all four defendants, rather than one long, complicated trial
IAEA Chief: Use of Nuclear Power Growing Despite Japanese Accident
Confidence in safety of nuclear deeply shaken by radiation leak from plant accident that followed March 11 earthquake, massive tsunami
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