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September 23, 2011
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Global Stock Markets Retreating More on Friday
Asian, European stock markets plummet again as investors fear world is headed into another recession
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Recession Fears Prompt Asian Stock Sell-Off
Global Markets Plunge on US Economic Recovery Doubts
IMF: World Economy Entering 'Dangerous New Phase'
Recession Fears Prompt Asian Stock Sell-Off
Markets in South Korea, Taipei, Manila and Australia all posted losses at closing
Duty Free Quota Restrictions on Bangladesh Garments Lifted
Concessions come at an opportune time when orders from Western countries may slow due to fears of another recession
IMF Chief: Government Debt Could Stifle Economic Recovery
Global economic comeback remains possible, but window is closing, Lagarde says - nations need to coordinate actions, trim debt
Global Markets Plunge on US Economic Recovery Doubts
US stock markets plummeted about four percent in late-day trading, with S&P; 500 retreating to its lowest point of the year
BRICS Considering Giving Financial Help to Developed Economies
BRICS consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
India’s New Poverty Definition Upsets Activists, Some Economists
Activists argue government trying to reduce its welfare burden by reducing number of those who will qualify for state benefits
Striking Greek Workers Protest New Austerity Cuts
Greece is mired in a three-year recession and has been hard-pressed to meet terms of bailout
IAEA Chief: Use of Nuclear Power Growing Despite Japanese Accident
Confidence in safety of nuclear deeply shaken by radiation leak from plant accident that followed March 11 earthquake, massive tsunami
Possible US Government Shutdown Looming Again
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, says Republicans would be to blame if the government shuts down
Analysts: BRICS Unlikely to Rush to Europe's Aid
Officials from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to meet to talk about ways they can help Europe with its debt crisis
Analysts Expect Modest Results at IMF, World Bank Meetings
Officials say they hope to make progress on possible economic recession and Europe's debt crisis
Euro Under Fire as Debt Crisis Continues
Crisis has caused social unrest and speculation that euro’s run as a joint currency may be coming to an end
House Fails to Extend Funding for US Federal Government Spending
Bill would have extended funding to keep federal government running until November 18
US Central Bank Mulls Action as Lawmakers Weigh In
Many economists predicting bank's policy board will move to further lower borrowing rates; Republican lawmakers urging no action
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FTSE 1005,066.81+25.20+0.50%
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