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September 26, 2011
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New Delhi Metro Earns Carbon Credits
UN statement says passenger-rail system has reduced emission of harmful pollution levels in New Delhi by 630,000 tons a year
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Study: Reducing Soot is Fastest Way to Slow Climate Change
Indian Companies Buying Overseas Coal Assets to Meet Demand
Kenyan Nobel Laureate Maathai Dies
Green Belt Movement founder, 71, passed away in Nairobi hospital Sunday after long struggle with cancer
Oxfam Report Says Thousands Evicted in Uganda Land Grab
Ugandan government denies claim says British charity report gives inflated numbers
Study: BP Oil Still Fresh on Gulf
Research contradicts claim that tar balls from worst oil spill in US history have 'substantially' broken down
Undersea Cable Could Revolutionize Oceanography
Experts say Ocean observatory will be transformative
Zimbabwe Wildlife Poisoned
Poachers poisoning water supplies to 'silently' kill animals
California Company Helps Extend Reach of Fresh-Grown Food
Farmscape assists the growing number of Americans who grow fruit and vegetables in their home gardens
Conservationists Trying to Save, Reproduce Endangered Frogs
Forty percent of all frogs in danger of extinction, according to the Smithsonian Institution
12 New Frog Species Discovered in India
Research also leads to rediscovery of three frog species thought to have been extinct
Earliest Known Human Hand-Ax Found in Kenya
Appears to be 1.75 million years old
Panama Research Institute Dedicated to Earth's Ecosystem
Smithsonian's Tropical Research Institute, world's oldest and largest is a mecca for tropical researchers
New Species Might be Human Ancestor
Fossils show primitive and modern traits
Mobile Restaurant Redefines Green, Organic
Green Truck is designed to be green, organic, low cost, mobile, and profitable, challenging common notions of food-vending trucks
New Gulf Oil Spill Report Levels Most of Blame on BP
Coast Guard report says disaster result of poor risk management, a faulty cement job, and a series of misinformed crew decisions
NYC 9/11 Rescuers Experience Lingering Health Problems
Medical researchers say many first responders suffering higher-than-normal rates of serious disease, psychological problems
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