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September 23, 2011
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Pope Highlights Bond With Muslims
Pope stressed the importance of religion in modern society and said he believes there can be a 'fruitful collaboration'
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Pope Warns German Lawmakers Not to Abuse Power
Pope Sued for Alleged Crimes Against Humanity
Striking Greek Workers Protest New Austerity Cuts
Greece is mired in a three-year recession and has been hard-pressed to meet terms of bailout
Croatian President Says No Innocents Will Be Convicted of War Crimes
Croatian President Ivo Josipovic says indictments will be resolved through cooperation and improved relations between Croatia and Serbia
Pope Warns German Lawmakers Not to Abuse Power
In a speech to German parliament, the pope said Germans know from experience what happens when power is corrupted
Erdogan Urges Pressure on Israel
Turkey's PM blames government of Benjamin Netanyahu for impasse in Middle East peace talks
EU Divided on Palestinian State UN Recognition
Analysts say differences may undermine Europe's efforts to play meaningful role in Middle East peace process
Euro Under Fire as Debt Crisis Continues
Crisis has caused social unrest and speculation that euro’s run as a joint currency may be coming to an end
Europe's Debt Woes Pose Opportunities for China
Despite China's massive stake in debt-ridden Europe, some say deepening crisis only expands Beijing's economic foothold
Turkey Considers Sanctions Against Syria
Turkey's PM and other officials will work with US State Department to determine what sanctions Turkey might impose
Tension Escalates Between Turkey and Kurds
Explosion in Ankara killing several people blamed by government on PKK as Turkish armed forces build up on Iraqi border
European Banks' Exposure to Greek Debt Erodes Market Confidence
Some of biggest lenders located in Europe's two biggest economies: Germany and France
Italian Scientists on Trial for Manslaughter in Wake of 2009 Quake
Scientists on trial for allegedly not properly warning public in advance of 2009 quake killed over 300 in L'Aquila, Italy
Greece Renews Debt Talks with International Creditors
Creditors demanding Athens government speed up spending cuts, lay off thousands of government workers
Gas, Oil Exploration Complicates Turkey, Cyprus Talks
Internationally-recognized Greek Cypriot government started drilling off divided island on Monday
Europe Accused of Ignoring Libya Refugees
Hundreds of thousands of mainly sub-Saharan migrants forced to flee Libya following brutal crackdown on anti-government protests
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