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07 Mar 2011 - 05 May 2021
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Turkey-Israel Trade Unaffected by Diplomatic Spats
Israel also one of first countries to answer Turkey's appeal for help after last week's deadly earthquake
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For Tunisia, No Easy Path to Prosperity
Unemployment remains high, investment is down, along with country's key tourism industry
Libya Faces Economic Challenges in Post-Gadhafi Era
At least one expert says despite North African country's historic dependence on oil exports, oil is not key to Libya's future
IEA: Many Months to Restore Libya's Oil Output
International Energy Agency official talks of 'many logistical, operational and security related challenges'
Iran Looks East to Bypass Western Sanctions
Tehran's refusal to stop production of its fuel enrichment program has provoked four rounds of UN sanctions, tighter US, EU restrictions
Turkey Taps Arab World For Tourist Dollars
Country It is proving an increasingly popular destination for Arab tourists
Europe's Downturn Could Hamper Arab Spring Plans
Continent’s economic troubles could make it tough for Arab governments to reach economic, political goals they promised
Crackdown Hurts Syria's Economy
Trading partners in Europe, elsewhere forgo business dealings with Assad regime, and tourists steer clear of violent conflict
Oil Giants Look to Resume Libyan Production
BP, Marathon Oil and the Italian firm Eni are among the major companies looking to resume production
Mass Economic Protests Continue in Israel
Activists say demonstrations to be held in Beersheba, Haifa, to express solidarity with protest movements in Israel's rural communities
VOA Exclusive Interview
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks to Parazit about Iran
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