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September 26, 2011
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Human Rights
Photo: AP
UN Human Rights Officials Demand Probe of Yemen Violations
Officials say six months of protest-related violence has killed hundreds of people, injured thousands more
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Thousands in Yemen Demand President Step Down
Renewed Clashes Kill 3 in Yemen
Yemen's Ruling Party Agrees to Power Transfer
Yemenis Mark Muslim Holiday by Calling for President's Ouster
Rival Rallies Unfold in Yemen
Human Rights Watch: Turkey, Iran Killing Civilian Kurds
Aid Sought for Alleged Gadhafi Torture Victim
Shweyga Mullah says Libyan leader's daughter-in-law, Aline Skaf, tied her up, poured boiling water on head
Syria: Restraint in the Face of Repression
Protest organizers and policy analysts agree that demonstrators in Syria should maintain the course of non-violent resistance
Iran: Syria Should Heed Citizens’ Demands
Comments by Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi are first such remarks from Iran since five-month-old uprising began
Prominent Syrian Cartoonist Attacked, Beaten
Ferzat relative says attackers threatened to break artist's bones as warning for him to stop drawing cartoons of government officials
Human Rights Watch Cautions Against Civilian Casualties in Libya
Special adviser to HRW warns against revenge attacks by rebels on pro-Gadhafi forces
UN Human Rights Council Condemns Syria
Council overwhelmingly adopts resolution condemning Syria for grave, systematic human-rights violations
US, Human Rights Groups Urge No Retribution in Libya
Officials worry elation in Tripoli could lead to revenge attacks on actual, perceived Gadhafi supporters
Rights Groups: Syrian Troops Kill 55 People in Raids on Towns
Pres. Assad defends his violent crackdown, saying it is 'national duty' to deal with 'outlaws' who cut off roads and 'terrorize' people
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