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October 30, 2011
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Israel - Palestinians
Photo: AFP
10 Dead in Fire Exchange Between Israel, Gaza Militants
Islamic Jihad says commander of Palestinian militant group was among those killed in attack Saturday
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Israeli-American Freed in Prisoner Swap
Palestinian Prisoner Swap Raises Questions About Justice
Israeli-American Freed in Prisoner Swap
Egypt accused Ilan Grapel of being an agent for Israel's Mossad, a charge the country denies
Palestinian Prisoner Swap Raises Questions About Justice
Ill feelings abound after release of Palestinian inmates freed in an exchange for Israeli soldier kidnapped 5 years ago by Hamas
Turkey-Israel Trade Unaffected by Diplomatic Spats
Israel also one of first countries to answer Turkey's appeal for help after last week's deadly earthquake
Despite US Opposition, Palestinians Seek UNESCO Membership
The move jeopardizes America’s funding for the organization
Palestinian Prisoner Tastes Freedom After 33 Years
One of the longest serving prisoners, Nael Barghouti greeted friends, family and expressed doubts about Mideast peace talks
Israeli-Palestinian Prisoner Exchange Brings Joy, Fuels Debate
Some fear Palestinian Resistance movement will arrest more Israeli soldiers in the future in order to gain release of more prisoners
Deported Palestinians Begin Arriving in Host Countries
Sixteen former prisoners of Israel arrived in Syria on Wednesday while 11 former Palestinian inmates arrived in Turkey
World Leaders Welcome Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he hopes prisoner swap will help restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Israeli Soldier, 477 Palestinians Freed in Prisoner Swap
Israeli army Sergeant Gilad Shalit returned to family in Israel amid outpouring of support as 477 Palestinian prisoners freed
VOA Exclusive Interview
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks to Parazit about Iran
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How do you think Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi did die?
 Died from injuries sustained in attack on his convoy
 Died from injuries sustained in ensuing crossfire
 Was executed by his captors
 Immaterial, Libya must now look to the future
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